Carmen Maria Renwick
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Abstract silkscreen

Fish whisperer

Italian market

Umbrella pine

Birds in Winter

July Open Studios

artist, printmaker, illustrator
Lyrical drawings,prints and paintings inspired by the patterns and rhythms found in nature and the man - made environment. Gift cards and notebooks.
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After completing an MA. Degree course in Children's Book illustration at Cambridge School of Art, I illustrated two children's books and  designed many gift cards and prints. I am currently enjoying working in mixed media on a larger scale.

I have previously  completed a course in fine art printmaking at the Curwen Print Study Centre  in Linton and have enjoyed making hand pulled prints using a variety of printmaking techniques.

My initial training in the 60's was at Homerton College,Bath Academy of Art and Hornsey College of Art.I was  Head of Art and Design at Swavesey Village College for 8 years before following a career in Special Education with the Arts as my main focus.