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I have been priviledged to draw many musicans as they rehearse, practice or perform. I have been artist in residence for Sinfonia of Cambridge since 2014, an have made many drawings of individuals or pairs within the greater whole. I am increasingly drawn to images of relationships between individuals within  the orchestra, be that two violinists sharing sheet music, or two wind players, listening deepy to one another's  cues.

Stone Cutting

I have been working with the calligrapher, Emi Gordon, observing the precision of her movements, and recording them as drawings which are beginning to evolve into paintings. 

I have enjoyed the slightly unusual take on the artist in studio theme. Here is a craftswoman intensely involved in her creativity, which nonetheless is a non-egoistical process, Through her work, she is contributing to the history and culture of lettering and hence communication and awareness in the world.

Man at Work

These images explore the ideas of the man hin his study that have been present since the raeaissance and the celebration of human endeavour within a broader spiritual context. I ma inspired by Rembrandt, Durer and Bellini, among others, to explore ways of representing the invisible work of the mind in a metaphorical form.

Self Portraits

Inspired by the honesty and pain of Rembrandt's self portraits, I have explored this theme throughout my life. In 2012, I set myself a discipline to work on one every night over a period of 60 days, and the results were surprisingly liberating in terms of allowing new expressions to surface.  I worked in soft pastel as it gave immediate colour and a hard direct effect.


These works have emerged from observing and sharing my own children's growing up and that of their contemporaries.

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Cambridge Open Studios 2019
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Drawing from observation to experience Life around me, these moments synthesise, over time, into paintings.
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Themes of time, energy, love, growth and death find form in images which may have multiple panels, or use differnt parts of a single panels to counterpoint distinct aspects of a situation. Musicians, and others absorbed in their work often form the ostensible subject, as their work enables them to visibly hold something of the mystery and intensity of Life within their body and actions.