Binnie Macellari
My paintings explore light, space, colour. Figurative and semi-abstract landscapes and still lifes in oils and watercolours. Studio near City centre.
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I took up painting after completing an Art History degree. I aim to convey atmosphere and emotion. Also to capture light - which was dazzling in Argentina, where I lived for many years - but is more subtle and precious in this country. I have found oil is the best medium for me, though I also work in acrylic, watercolours and mixed media when the subject calls for them. As well as figurative painting, I am exploring a more abstract approach to my subjects. I find much inspiration in Cambridge and its countryside, as well as Norfolk, Suffolk, Cornwall, Ireland and Italy, and I enjoy the challenge of new places and methods of expression.

I am a member of the Cambridge Drawing Society and show my work at their two annual exhibitions.