Andrew Taylor
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'Aqua Alta' (mixed media on board) 2020 60cm x 45cm

'Affondamento' (mixed media on board) 2019 60cm x 45cm

'Laguna' (mixed media on board) 2019 30cm x 30cm

'Lido' (mixed media on board) 2020 50cm x 35cm

'On the Beach' (mixed media on paper) 2020 20cm x 20cm

'Out on the Ocean' (mixed media on paper) 2020 20cm x 20cm

'Webs' (mixed media on board) 2020 68cm x 42cm

'Wild Fire' (mixed media on board) 2019 50cm x 35cm

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Cambridge Open Windows
Repeats every week every Saturday and every Sunday until Sun Jul 26 2020.
4 Jul 2020 - 11:00 to 17:00
Cambridge Open Windows
Cambridge Open Windows

July Open Studios

mixed media paintings
Mixed media abstract paintings.
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I was born on Merseyside in 1959 and went to Newcastle University, where I gained a BA(Hons) in Fine Art in 1981.  My work is abstract but takes its inspiration from different sources, including derelict buildings, graffiti, and jazz.  I use a range of materials, (different papers, paints and plaster, etc) to create marks and textures.  I work intuitively, encouraging an interplay between the conscious and unconscious, the material and the metaphysical, adding and taking away elements until a point of resolution is reached.