Alison Davies
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July Open Studios

mixed media painting
Paintings are mainly abstract / oil and collage on canvas. Prints, mainly colourful woodcuts
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My paintings reflect my feeling for music in rhythm and harmony. The vibrancy of oil paints allows the possibility of colours to sing and 'talk' to one another. Shapes  and forms indicate themes that reoccur such as doorwayys, portals and paths. The eye is led to entries that take the viewer on a journey into the picture as well as back out again, round corners , leading sometimes behind  and sometimes in front.Landscapes come to mind. Colours are often overlaid  some of which are opaque saturated colours whilst others are transparent and veiled depending on the depth of tone that I want to achieve. I have an iterest in both direct spontaneous gestural painting as well as more over painted compositions that show the history of the painting process.