Leigh Watson
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Life Studies

The fascination with the human form never goes. For me it is the shadows made by the bones and muscles. Knees, shoulders, backs used to be what I would concentrate on. Now I am getting to enjoy portraiture as well.

Doors to Nowhere

What lies behind them? These doors that no longer have a purpose? Locked and overlooked, bricked up, some now just a shadow on a wall, some a clear reminder of a world gone into the past. All lost in the mist of time. But if you could open one, step into it's past.What would you find? Who would you meet? Servant or Noble, sinner or Saint?

Doors to Somewhere

Cambridge, in particular, is full of these! They can still be opened, you just need the key. For most of us  these are places we can never go, but what fascinating worlds are behind them, secret and select. All you need to do is get to know the right person, the one with the key.

July Open Studios


Studio space for sharing at St Barnabas Press
Have a studio at St Barnabas, bigger than I need, so offering a half share in it. Would be 126 pounds. Contact me on ofthemeadow2016@gmail or 07810411599
Studio space for sharing at St Barnabas Press
Summer School in Chesterton, help wanted to run workshops.
Summer School in Chesterton, help wanted to run workshops.

painting, mixed media
I am fascinated by the human form, particularly the shadows around the shoulders and knees. I also do photography, and am working with mixed media.

After many years in research, I was able to return to college to study art. Since moving last year I now have my own studio and plan to continue to develope ideas around the environment of Cambridge, mainly the river in all its many aspects. I plan to work with oils, but also to look at collage, printing and mixed media. I am also looking at the human form, and could best be desciribed as being 'lost in small shadows' as the shadows that form around areas like the shoulder and knee are images that I would like to capture.