Teresa Crickmar
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I love working with the properties of metals to create tactile textured pieces. I like exploring mixed media and often my work uses symbolism and is concerned with my own journey through life. 

Divine Feminine Crown Series

I have been researching Goddess worship throughout history for a long time now and I am fascinated with their unique personalities and stories. I am a spiritual person and I am in awe of Gaia, (Mother Earth) so I wanted to create a series of gifts from Gaia to the Goddesses. As a woman in a patrichal society I am interested in the imbalance on the earth, of the male and female energies being out of sync to the detriment of our planet. Life is a cyclical journey, as are the stages of womanhood. The crowns explore the transitions of the female journey, from young maiden, mother, wild and wise woman. They also represent the transitioning of the seasons throughout the year. Winter/Spring is a crown for Persophone. Spring/Summer is a crown for Mary Magdelene. Summer/Autumn is a crown for the Goddess Diana and Autumn/Winter a crown for Kali. 


Please note that I have used an ethical source for the butterflies and feathers (most of which were collected by me)



July Open Studios

I love playing with materials to create treasures with meaning. I am fascinated by colour, texture and the tactile qualities of various media.
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I live and work from my workshop in Lode, Cambridgeshire. I am a teacher, jeweller, healer and artist. I have used my own experience of the world to inspire my work and for many years this has been about the female journey in patriarchal society. I have recently been inspired by my spiritual practice and am exploring the imbalance on the Earth.

I paint and make for my own personal enjoyment and expression, but also as a way to allow others to find their own voice. I teach silver jewellery making at a local education centre and run classes from my workshop. I am interested in wellbeing and view creative endeavours as a way to help myself and others restore balance. 

For the past eighteen months I have been renovating my home. I love to paint big and have created several murals around the house. I also design and make lighting, upcycle furniture and create welcoming and unique living spaces. 

I am happy to sell work, take on commissions or discuss classes.