Stefanie Loizou
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Alice In Wonderland 'Alice's Evidence'

Alice in Wonderland Playing Card piece - "Alice's Evidence' 

July Open Studios

mixed media artist
Well loved stories are reinvented by embellishing, manipulating and transforming original books and illustrations into decorative pieces of art.
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Stefanie Loizou is a mixed media artist.  She often works within the realm of fairy-tales and began delving back into her childhood at Norwich School of Art and Design in 1997.  There, she explored famous stories such as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ through different materials and techniques resulting in a collection of theatrical and decorative tiaras and sculptures.  After graduating she continued to experiment with different medias but kept returning to the same theme of children's stories and books.  In her pieces, miniature worlds explode from the page bringing the story to life, thus preserving it and capturing its essence.

Stefanie lives in her hometown of Cambridge and has sold her work in establishments such as ‘Primavera’, ‘Cambridge Contemporary Arts’ and ‘The Castle Gallery’ in Inverness.  She continues to create new pieces and works mainly on commission.