Steve West
Abstract paintings combining acrylic, spray-paint and screen-print
Distillations of events and circumstance; interruptions and connections, arenas of the unpredictable, a journey with a fragmented map.
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Everyone’s busy. Competing opportunities, conflicting commitments, endless choice; we’re all trying to fit it all in.

My paintings are a pictorial representation of what ‘it all’ may be.

I use separate panels and collage techniques to introduce abrupt changes, boundaries or linkages that suggest breaks in concentration; glimpses of rushed endeavours, possible paths; narrative journeys with a fragmented map. Distillations of events and circumstances; an exercise in juggling the balls. A discredited Sasco wall planner, a diary for last year, a flashback to last Tuesday, a forecast of the future ……. a game of snakes and ladders. Rhythms, ruminations; arenas of the predictable or the unexpected……an attempt to bring order to chaos, an ecosystem striving for equilibrium. A search for the missing piece, a quest for space.