Ian Siragher
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July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021
I make slip cast ceramic pieces, a unique feature is my used of 3D printing technologies to produce the patterns on which my moulds are based.
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I developed an interest in slipcasting from being a collector of ceramic work. I am particularly excited by the application of 3D printing techniques to design the forms I want to make in clay. My approach is novel and I believe almost unique, as I have yet to find any other ceramicist approaching slipcast mould making the way I am. My goal is to explore the very far boundaries of what is possible in this area, and to develop and disseminate the practical aspects of these techniques. I work with a colleague  who often casts the moulds I produce. Between us we are also very interested in the range of new glazes which are becoming available and which can produce effects every bit as novel as the forms we create.