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Winter Meadow (detail)

Winter River

Two large handprinted textile hangings, stencil & block printed on cotton (each measures 150 x200cm)

Inspired by my cycle commute alongside the Cam to Cambridge - even in the depths of Winter there is life on the river and always something to see as I pedal past.

This section of the foot and cycle path is currently closed (2020) whilst the new Chisholm Trail is constructed

These were displayed at Open Studios 2019 in Swaffham Prior Village Hall and are available to hire for your event or celebration (at very reasonable rates!)

The Back Fence Gallery, 2020

open windows During lockdown in 2020, I took part in Cambridge Open Windows. 

Every weekend in July, I created an outdoor exhibition of art along my back fence in Swaffham Prior, East Cambs. Most of the work on show was laminated copies of original work - due to the unpredictable nature of the weather and to the fact that I could not keep an eye on the fence which is some distance from the house. I was mostly sharing drawings I had done during lockdown. I offered space to four other artist friends who sent me jpeg pictures which I printed and laminated for display.

The fence runs alongside a public footpath so plenty of people stopped to look at the gallery as they took their daily walks. I think it was a nice suprise!

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021
hand printed textiles
Original designs, hand printed onto cotton fabric
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Open Studios 2021

This year, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with ready-made plant based inks, with a more subtle colour palette than I’ve used before. 

My most recent designs are inspired by ancient Minoan pottery I saw in the archaeology museum in Haniά, Crete. The designs are block printed by hand onto cotton fabric. I’ve made cushions and picnic cloths using my ‘Museum Piece’ and ‘Field of Birds’ designs.