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Wicken & other Fens

During 2017 and 2018 I have been working to capture and then re-work a series of waterways and wetlands imagery. These have evolved in that time to become more and more impressionistic, especially in the spring of 2019. However, the ecological features always creep in - so migrating House-martins, the mass flowering of Arrowhead and the fauna within the aquatic environment are never far away.

Fenland Wildlife

The wetlands of the fens are the last remnants of a rich ecosystem - these animals are a few that have crept into my art. 

Breckland scenes

The Brecks are a strange and largely unappreciated landscape with its own unique wildlife. 

The sandy and dry Breckland landscape can be extreme and as desolate as the fens are bleak. The specialist flora and fauna such as the stone curlews are themselves oddities. The landscape is typified by the twisted and smashed roadside pines – iconic in their drunken leaning and broken limbs.

Broads & Coast

The Norfolk (and Suffolk) Broads and the coastline are just magical but I have painted only a little in these environments so far - I'm saving them i guess.

July Open Studios

pen and ink, watercolours, pastels and oils
Painting the wild spaces, wildlife and landscapes of the East Anglian fens, brecks and coast in a range of different media.
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My work reflects my ecological background and draws on impressionist and modern artistic influences. I am currently working on a series of fen waterland scenes and the iconic 'twisted pine' landscapes of the brecks.