Ali Roberts
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watercolour, gouache, crayon, pen and ink
My work has been described as 'Visual Gossip'. I enjoy capturing everyday moments that tell a story. I also paint sea and landscapes.
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I have recently completed an MA in Children's Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University. Consequently, as well as watercolour sea, land and townscapes I so enjoy painting, I also produce work of a more illustrative nature both real and from imagination.

Friday Night - Crisps and Telly


This particuar picture, although drawn from imagination, exactly reflects how I was feeling one evening. slumped in front of the television. I even gave myself and imaginary cat!














Red Shoes"Red Shoes' is a scene taken from my car window. I spotted these two women, deep in conversation, who unbeknown to them, enlivened an otherwise grey scene with shoes of an identical red hue. This image typifies the type of illustrative work I like to produce.