Colen Lumley
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Three poplars, River Cam, Cambridge

Blackthorns, Home Close, Manor Farm, Toft

The Old Drive, Essenac

July Open Studios

My paintings aim towards the atmospheric expression of landscape. The principle subject this year is the threatened historic Bourn Valley landscape.
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My principle artistic interest is in, but not confined to, landscape painting of subjects in the UK and France, particularly from local sites around Toft in the Bourn Valley, and the Cam in Cambridge.

I work now in oil, making my own canvas board supports so that I am free to let the subject control the size and shape, and similarly I make my own frames. My choice of subject is always preceded by a living attachment to and an aesthetic experience from a motif, hence I do not accept commissions. My working method is to sketch from the motif, helping to commit my perceptions to memory, using photography as an aid for selecting and composing the final image and then developing a painting that goes beyond photographic representation - giving expression to and recording the feelings experienced from the motif. 

I work from an architectural studio in a custom designed and built house and garden that, since retirement from architectural practice, is now dedicated to a life in art. Studio House is built in the grounds of Toft's C17 Manor Farmhouse with its Pigeon house, a Historic Monument, overlooking the farmland landscape on the south-facing slopes of the Bourn Valley and the Ancient Woodland of Hardwick Wood.