Dave Pescod
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Ship of Fools

mixed media 42 x 67 cm

Relief Wine Glass

mixed media 36cm x 42cm


relief collage 12 x 12cm


relief collage 12cm. sq (frames 25cm. sq.)

kitchen harbour

acrylic painting 67cm x 85cm

July Open Studios

mixed media constructions, abstract and semi-abstract paintings in acrylic, collagraph & other mono-prints
My work is inspired by music, other artists and exploration of the visual language using mixed media, collage and painting.
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I studied Graphic Design at Hornsey then Fine Art at the Royal College of Art. My work is inspired by music, place and influences, often worked in collage before painting. The paintings are layered and explore the relationship between abstraction and form. I also write and cross refer ideas, enjoying the opportunity to use spontaniety in the visual form, though some pieces such as my wireworks use specific designed ideas to challenge reality.