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Bamburgh Castle

One of my favorite places in Northumberland, Bamburgh Castle, as seen from the beach on a blustery day, the wind whipping up the waves.

Ebbs Neuk

A promentory off the coast at Beadnell Northumberland, my painting shows the point of the promentory disappearing into the sea, low tide revealing rock pools. 

The Light Sussex

Inspired by me hens, I love the way the cockerel stands proud, guarding his girls, they are only interested in scraps of grain on the ground

Kyalami sailing in San Francisco Bay

Painting of a friend's sailing yacht racing in the bay at San Francisco. This painting was commissioned and is now in San Francisco

Alexis Formula Junior Racing Car

Watercolour painting of a Formula Junior Racing car of the 1960's. This car still competes regularly in Historic motor sport events. This painting was a commission

Sleeping baby

A painting of a friend's new born little boy in watercolour

Herdwick sheep in snow

Painting in acrylic of Herdwick sheep in deep snow

Snowy sheep

Acrylic painting of Northumbria blackface sheep on cold crisp snowy day. I have used a mixture of palette knife and brush to paint the picture.


Flooded Fen Washes 1

Painted from an aerial view of the flooded washes in Cambridgeshire looking towards Welney. This painting will be part of a seasonal tryptic, this image representing summer with fields of ripening corn.


Painting of our black cat Jet. Painted in acrylic using highlights to create the cat's face.


Painting of a bird of prey I saw at a local raptor centre. I tried to capture the essence of the bird

Flooded Fen Washes 2

The second picture in the tryptic showing the washes in flood, this painting is spring showing the rapeseed fields.

Flooded Fen Washes 3

The third and final painting in the tryptic. This painting shows the farm land at rest covered in a thick blanket of snow


Charcoal drawing of a rhino ready for Ten Five +1 Open Studios


Charcoal drawing of an elephant. Will be available at Fen Five + 1 open studios


Acrylic painting of sheep


Whimsical paining of llamas in a hot landscape

Tabby cat, sometimes I just sit

Painting of my tabby cat sat on a sunny windowsill. Painted on canvas in acrylic

Beningfields Drove

Painting in acrylic on canvas. Early evening mist on the fen farmland

Blue Iris

Painting in acrylic on board, a sunny garden border of blue irises


Painted in acrylic on board. View from the air of the Fens in the summer, looking along the Hundred Foot washes 

Inquisitive piggies

Painted on canvas in acrylic. Four very inquisitive piggies 


Painting on round canvas of a close up of a coral charm peony

Barn owl

I regularly see barn owls on my journeys to Sutton Meadows, theses sightings inspired this painting


Painting inspiredby the snowdrops popping up in my garden

Flooded Fen Washes Sutton Gault Cambridgeshire

Flooded Fen Washes, Sutton Gault

Plums in pastel

Painting in soft pastel of plums

July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2021
Cambridge Open Studios 2021


Paintings in the Refectory, Ely Cathedral
Exhibition of paintings for sale in the refectory cafe, Ely Cathedral.
Paintings in the Refectory, Ely Cathedral
July Open Studios
July Open Studios

painting, collage, decorative items
I produce lively, colourful, realistic and impressionist paintings inspired by my world and the creatures which inhabit it
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I have always drawn and painted and actively seek out opportunities to further develop my skills in watercolour, acrylic and most recently soft pastel. 

I take inspiration from my love of my garden, hens, sheep, cats, nature, boats and historic /classic cars. I also make collages of eggs, hens, pigs and birds in the style of Victorian specimen cases. My collages are for sale in the craft shop at the Babylon Gallery in Ely, Cambridgeshire

My work has been sold at the Babylon Gallery in Ely, local exhibitions and studio events. My work is hanging for sale in the Refectory Cafe at Ely Cathedral.

I have undertaken commissions for  sailing yachts, seascapes and classic cars.

Together with an artist friend, Rosemary Scott, I run art classes to share my knowledge and skills.