A sound installation by Francesco Pellisari

Music by Christopher Chaplin
Special guest Michela Varvaro

The performance took place at Cavea Arcari in Vicenza, Italy.
With special thanks to Paolo Andriolo, Andrea Cestonaro, Barbara Morseletto and Deborah Morseletto.

The Shape of Sound is a work that captures the invisible, ephemeral aspects of its spatial context and returns its own abstract representation. To do it, the author, Francesco Pellisari, uses the elements most familiar to him. Primarily the sound, a phenomenon that exists in the absolute otherness, being dependent on the medium that conveys it. Its physical and material essence is recovered and its sequences, timbres and patterns, common to organic forces, are revealed.

Then the water, where the sound is visible in mimesis and continuity with “the other” reflection; on its surface is captured the surrounding represented in the charm of the twilight and the blurring of detail. The liquid matter lives in its depth, activated by the vibrated echo of the acoustic phenomenon. The evanescent and the transitory around is represented, restoring to perception an unusual intensity.

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