2018 saw an interesting commission; in 2014-15 I started carving a series of discs with repeat geometric patterns, sometimes pierced, sometimes not. three of them were quite small, about 325mm/13" diameter. One I had cast in bronze from a 1:1 mould taken from the original stone piece.

I had an email in Spring 2018 from a client in New York who had seen the bronze piece on my website or Instagram, liked it, and asked about a larger one of the same configuration at 27" diameter. My initial thoughts were that I would have to carve the piece again at that larger scale in order to get a mould made for casting. But the more people I talked to about it, the more I came across people who suggested scanning and 3D printing - once the scan exists as a file, then the piece can be printed at any scale and a mould made. I made contact with in Wisbech who were immensely helpful; they had the original scanned, then printed at the enlarged scale in plastic. This was then taken up to in Llanrhaeadr, Mid Wales where a mould was taken, the bronze cast and patinated and a base fabricated. The piece was then packed, crated and palleted and was taken to Heathrow to New York and to its destination in an apartment overlooking Central Park.

It has been a fascinating process, and a learning curve, but the opportunities presented by being able to scale up and down from an original piece and be able to make an edition of, say, 5 or 10, opens up all sorts of possibilities. The images below illustrate some of the process steps.