This year Bob and I will be sharing our open studio weekends with 2 very talented artists

Sharing our open studios

2 new open studios members will be joining me and Bob this summer.

We are very excited to welcome them to the open studios experience.

Mother and daughter duo Carol Baker Valis and Michcala Holmes will show their incredibly unique work all 4 weekends in our Ely studio

Carol Baker-Valis designs under the name 'Common Folk Designs' and makes a range of artisan clothing, accessories & gifts. Here the emphasis is on well made and wearable garments, crafted from fine, high quality fabrics & linens. The linens are sourced and chosen for their quality, colour and drape! The accessories are wonderfully functional and yet retain & remain beautiful and easy to wear. Common Folk gifts are made from the same rich palette of fabrics and make interesting, unique and individual presents.

Michcala Holmes designs under the label of the 'Hoodie and The Hare':
‘The Hoodie & The Hare designs’ makes handmade bags and accessories from new & upcycled fabrics. The emphasis is on design, craftsmanship, quality & originality. Insired by the kitch & the tasteful, the modern & the historical, the utilitarian and the decorative. My aim is to make items that are fun & inventive, loved & cherished!

We feel their work, ethos and values echos those of our paintings and silver jewellery... and life in general.

Bob and I are looking forward to Open Studios of 2019 with Carol and Michcala. They will enrich a visit to our studio...what with free parking just outside our door, (or a short walk from the historic centre of Ely, that also has free parking) plus Pimms in the garden what's not to like!