Photographing your 2D, 3D and Reflective Artwork

Are you about to photograph more of your own artwork for your Open Cambridge Studio? Chris has written a simple guide

With COS looming on the horizon, my mind turned to photographing both my artwork and that of Jane Thomas and Louise Thomas, with whom I'm sharing our COS Studio in July. 

Book Cover for photographing your own art

As I was going through all the steps of photograph artwork to get good pictures, I thought that it would be useful to share with others.

Using both my personal experience with artwork and with museum pieces (I volunteer and do occasional photographic archival work with the latter), I created a simple guide for artists. There are one page pictorial checklists for 2D, 3D and reflective artworks plus one for editing the resulting images, either for print or for web.

The checklists are followed by a more detailed explanation of each step for the novice, whether using a professional SLR camera or simply a good smartphone or tablet.

This is now a Kindle book for anyone interested - available here   for the princely sum of £2.50.

Feedback always appreciated.

Best wishes and good luck with your photography of your artwork,

Chris Thomas

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Chris Thomas