The Ollie Feast Trust - Giving Opportunity

The Ollie Feast Trust - Giving Opportunity A message to members asking for your support of a fund raising event. Click on the large text to read the full detail and how to get involved.

Tina Green writes: 

"Dear Artist Friends,

We are very much hoping to interest you in taking part in a fund-raising activity for The Ollie Feast Trust. We are planning an on-line auction of A5 sized artwork (any media) to take place at the end of November 2018. This will be in time for buyers thinking about Christmas presents and it will also widen the Artists’ reach to potential buyers of their work, as we have an increasingly large network of supporters and would be more than happy to add your Web-site/Instagram information.

The work will be displayed by title only so that the bidder does not know the name of the artist, but we would hope that if you do have a recognizable style, you will stick to it, as potential bidders enjoy the fun of thinking they can spot an artist’s work and perhaps bag a bargain. For those of you who are amateurs, then it will just be fun to see if your piece(s) will excite the interest of the punters.

Please respond to this email     so that a) we can send you more details and b) get some idea of how much work we can expect. This is our first year trying out this idea.

Below are some links that will hopefully persuade you that it is worth taking part. There is a link to a video from this year’s Summer Camp where 40 children from Cambridge schools, were given sporting, leadership and teamwork opportunities. The children were chosen by their school Heads – some have been bullied, have been self-harming or just have lack confidence and self-belief.

Apart from the summer camp, we award travel bursaries of up to £500 to those young people who otherwise cannot afford to realise their dreams – see Josh’s short video". 


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