Available Spaces for the COS in July at St John's Church, Hills Road

This is a beautiful venue right in the heart of the COS and the Coleridge artist trail. The spacious exhibition area which is newly renovated, opens into a light courtyard with ample parking to the rear. New and experienced members welcome to join us in sharing this space.

COS Exhibition VenueAny Artists who would like to share exhibition space for COS at the newly refurbished centre at St John's Church, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 8RN

New and experienced members welcome to join our friendly group of artists. Its truly a lovely site.

This is to take place in the last two weekends of July in the newly refurbished church hall at St John's Church Hills Road.  We are more then happy to email photographs or arrange a suitable time to visit the venue.

There is lots of table space that would suit, ceramics, jewellery, textiles etc, painters would need to provide screens for hanging paintings, however I have table top displayboards which I am willing to share for the duration of COS. There is a small landscaped courtyard that suits a sculpture artist and is a perfect summer space.

The hall, toilets and kitchen are newly refurbished and there is free parking for ten cars in the church car park and free parking on adjacent streets. Perfect for people visiting.

The church are keen to exhibit art in the centre and have given us a good rate for a flat fee of £70 per artist which would cover both of the last two weekends of July payable directly to the church. We are designing and print a postcard to advertise the event as part of the local Coleridge artist trail which everyone participating chips in for, each artist gets 200 postcards which is approximatly £9 per artist. We are also having a banner to go on the hedge outside the church and propose we provide some refreshments so approxamatly £100 per person inclusive of church fees advertising and refreshments for the two weekends.  The price could be slightly less with more artists involved.

Time for paying to enter the COS in July is at the end of this month and if you are keen to secure a purposeful venue please contact me or Denise Schoenberg for more details. Contact details can be found on our profile pages.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Denise Brandrith