Artists Starter Kit online course with Kate Green

A 6 week online intensive beginners guide to becoming a professional artist. A comprehensive introduction to getting started.
  • Do you feel lost and overwhelmed by where to start with building an art business?
  • Does the technology of an art business make you want to run & hide?
  • Do you feel clueless when it comes to Social Media?
  • Do you hope to develop a style of art that is your very own?
  • Do you dream of finding an audience that wants to buy your art?

♡ LET ME invite you to come alongside me, and a community of likeminded artists, for 6 weeks to get your art career moving forward.
♡ LET ME show you step-by-step how to tackle the technology you need to know.
♡ LET ME answer your questions, help you to set achievable goals and support you in making progress!

60+ bite sized video lessons | Weekly live Q & A sessions | Private Facebook community | Work at your own pace | Lifetime access to course content

*Registration closes Saturday 27th March (midnight)

Check out details of the curriculum and enrol here:

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artists starter kit by Kate Green