Art canvases and materials clearance

Member Olive Mayo has a large amount of material that may be of use to COS members. No charge. This is not going to be used now and it would be a pity to see it wasted. There are a number of stretched canvases, a large number of boards of all kinds and a large store of art chemicals. Please email Click on further to read a list.

Olive’s Paint Materials in the Garage


5 Ltrs  Canvas sealer

2 ½ Ltrs Actrylic Polymer Emulsion

Not Pure matte Ac Cop

21/2 ltrs Matt Acrylic Copolyer Emulsion

21/2 Ltrs  Spectrum Oil Base

Litre Liquid Painting Medium

½ litre Base?

½ Litre Matt Acyrlic Soluble Varnish

¼ Litre   Same

Litre Low Odour Solvent

Litre Low Odour Solvent

½ Litre Low Odour Solvent

½ Litre Mangers Brush Restorer

½ Litre Mangers Brush Restorer

½ Litre Zest IT Brush Cleaner

¼ Litre Zest IT Brush Cleaner

½ Litre Colloid

¼ Litre Linseed Oil Polycell

¼ Litre Linseed Oil Refined

2 ½ Litre Spectrum Gesso Primer Acrylic

5 Litre Matt Acrylic Gel Medium

1 Litre Spectrum Print Gel

1 Litre Gloss Acrylic Co Pol Gel

½ Litre Gell Retarder

¼ Litre Gesso Powder

2 Spray Cans Artist Fixative and Spray Mount

½ Litre Acrylic Matt Medium

¼ G0nuine Turps

Jar Graphite Powder

1/8 litre Water Tension Breaker

½ Litre Yellow Spectrum Poster Paint

300 ml Frosting Varnish

Berol Marvin Medium

Slika Styling Wzx

Graphite Powder

Anti Foam Spectrum

Acrylic Paint Thickner

Golden Medium Thickner

Print Gel

Pumice Filler

Opaque Acrylic Powder

Rowney Turquoise

Pure Rice Starch

Soft Wax Resister

Coarse Carborundam

Retarder Gel 

As at 31.7.2019 In garage steel cupboard