July Open studios

The 2021 Cambridge Open Studios will take place over the first four weekends of July (3rd-4th, 10th-11th, 17th-18th and 24th-25th). Studios will normally be open between 11am and 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Each artist can take part for one, two, three or all four weekends. Numbers in blue refer to the studio numbers used in the Open Studios e-Guide which will be available to download from early June. PLEASE NOTE: Artists may ask visitors to make an appointment before visiting their studio. Others may choose to show their work in their windows only, with no visitors allowed inside. In both cases this information will be indicated on their entry.

  • 6
    Working Studio
    ceramics, wood, textiles, printmaking
    Visit our five studios and pop-up shop! Beautiful & unique art made collaboratively with people with learning disabilities.
    40 Humberstone Road
    CB4 1JG
    Tel: 01223 566027
  • 27
    Lorraine Brown
    mixed media painting and collage
    Mixed media paintings incorporating collage and photography, landscape and architectural themes.
    The Pitt Building
    Trumpington Street
    CB2 1RP
    Tel: 07884 040761
  • 12
    Denise Spalding
    Working Studio
    Paintings – expressive & colourful
    Paintings – see three years of work – oils, acrylic, mixed media, watercolours. Airy exhibition space… Welcome to sit in my beautiful garden! Parking.
    7 Fen Road
    CB4 1BS
    Tel: 07796 425127
  • 78
    Sue Moult
    watercolour paintings
    Watercolour landscapes of Cambridge and East Anglia. Figurative studies. Cards. Front garden, open gazebo display (with social distancing!). Parking.
    64 Gough Way
    CB3 9LN
    Tel: 07729 888214
  • 108
    Paul and Kate Janssens
    Working Studio
    drawings, paintings and jewellery
    Painting in oil and collage on wood, drawings. Handcrafted jewellery in enamel, silver, copper and semi-precious stones. Sketchbooks from travels.
    3 River Lane
    CB7 5PF
    Tel: 07842 907640
    • Paul Janssens
      (oil and acrylic paints, combined with collage on wood. watercolour and pen)
    • Kate Janssens
      (contemporary silver jewellery and brass/copper designs)
    East Cambs DC
  • 112
    John Lewis
    Working Studio
    Turned greenwood chairs and stools
    Chairs and stools in ash and yew, with rush or bark seats. Also, have a walk in ‘Slodgers Wood’ to view Andrew Jones' sculptures.
    50 Main Street
    Prickwillow, nr Ely
    CB7 4UN
    Tel: 01353 688316
    East Cambs DC
  • 11
    Kirsty Norfolk
    Working Studio
    Abstract landscapes and still life
    Original art, mixed media; acrylic, ink, collage. Abstract landscape, still life. Monochrome detailed sketches. Cards available. Garden studio.
    39 Warren Road
    CB4 1LL
    Tel: 07743 695548
  • 207
    Sarah Vigliotti
    Working Studio
    printmaker and photographer
    Intricate lino-cuts and film photography exploring surface and texture in the urban and rural environment. Garden studio.
    13 Shirley Road
    CB24 9JR
    Tel: 07743 539469
    South Cambs DC
  • 180
    Justine Jarman
    Handmade sterling silver jewellery
    Contemporary designs in sterling silver. Simple lines incorporating natural textures and precious and semi-precious stones.
    Linton Village Hall
    Coles Lane
    CB21 4JS
    Tel: 07787 506785
    South Cambs DC
  • 83
    Rosy Gounaris
    Working Studio
    Indulgent Jewellery
    One-off hand-made pieces of jewellery, fashioned using precious metals and colourful stones.
    34 Storey's Way
    CB3 0DT
    Tel: 07597 880757
  • 66
    Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas
    Working Studio
    painting and mixed-media/collage
    Expressive painting and mixed media exploring the mood and drama of backstreets, harbours, nature and the figure through colour, line and composition.
    90 Blinco Grove
    CB1 7TX
    Tel: 07712 764095
  • 32
    Mark Alvarez
    fine-art photography
    Atmospheric and evocative black-and-white images of the British coast and of Cambridge. Cards and limited-edition prints for sale.
    39 Norfolk Street
    CB1 2LD
    Tel: 07981 743094
  • 135
    Valerie Emmons
    drawing, quilting, embroidery
    My focus is on fineliner pen drawings and the use of textiles and threads in quilting and embroidery. (Parking: street, or in Church Lane car park.)
    13 East Park Street
    PE16 6LQ
    Tel: 01354 695696
    Fenland DC
  • 14
    Iain Smith
    Working Studio
    Kiln-fused glass
    I make fused glass objects exploring the interplay between light, colour and shape. I also design and build my own kilns.
    11 Lynfield Lane
    CB4 1DR
    Tel: 07932 688734
  • 50
    Birgitte Bruun and Sarah Blake
    Working Studio
    Silver & gold jewellery; paintings
    Silver and gold jewellery inspired by Scandinavian design. Restorative beauty in landscapes and detailed botanical paintings, watercolour and acrylic.
    28 Radegund Road
    CB1 3RS
    Tel: 01223 514366
  • 160
    Tina Bone
    Working Studio
    Originals, prints and puzzles
    Professional artist – wildlife, botanical illustration, illuminated lettering with gold leaf. Commissions accepted.
    18 Harbour Avenue
    CB23 7DD
    Tel: 01223 262962
    South Cambs DC
  • 27
    Tricia Taylor
    jewellery, silverware and enamel
    Contemporary jewellery in precious metals, textured surfaces with semi-precious stones and enamel, and a selection of silverware. Commissions welcome!
    The Pitt Building
    Trumpington Street
    CB2 1RP
    Tel: 07929 888681
  • 53
    Katy Bailey
    Working Studio
    Pastellist and Printmaker
    Pastellist drawn to landscape and the human form. My work is a diary in paint, walks, skies, thoughts. Large and small pieces, framed and unframed.
    368 Cherry Hinton Road
    CB1 8BA
    Tel: 07834 871083
  • 90
    Cambridge Artworks
    prints, mixed media & performance
    Jan Ayton and Clio Lloyd-Jacob. Imprints & influences – visual, social and ethical. Performance: 'Generations', 3rd and 4th July at 3 pm (20 minutes).
    Cambridge Artworks
    5 Green's Road
    CB4 3EF
    Tel: 07790 638786
  • 19
    Francesco Pellisari
    sculptural ceramic loudspeakers
    I design and make sound sculptures from ceramic, wood and metal. These loudspeakers have patented technology to achieve a special sound quality.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07757 989656