July Open studios

It is with great regret that we have had to cancel the 2020 July Open Studios due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, many of our members are instead taking part in 'Cambridge Open Windows 2020', displaying their work in windows and front gardens. Find out more here: https://www.camopenstudios.co.uk/open-windows

  • 149
    Helga Hislop
    Working Studio
    botanical paintings
    Wild flora and fruits in watercolour on vellum and paper. Meticulous detail. Studio in conservation garden. Paintings, prints and cards available.
    The Mill House, Finchingfield Road
    Little Sampford
    CB10 2QT
    Tel: 01799 586238
  • 74
    Rebecca Stark
    metal clocks, mixed-media painting
    Handmade metal clocks and mixed-media paintings. Techniques include etching, riveting, heat forming and engraving. Group show. Parking available.
    Rock Road Library
    69 Rock Road
    CB1 7UG
    Tel: 01223 314971
  • 250
    Stephen Murfitt
    Working Studio
    Hand-built and Raku-fired ceramic forms and vessels. Kinetic sculptures by Andrew Jones in the garden.
    Old Chapel, Chapel Road
    Ramsey Heights
    PE26 2RS
    Tel: 01487 711478
  • 52
    Cat Vitebsky
    Working Studio
    figurative sculptor and bronze caster
    I am a figurative sculptor, working predominantly in bronze. Casting my own work informs my sculpture as bronze has unique transformative properties.
    240 Coldhams Lane
    CB1 3HN
    Tel: 07748 826072
  • 137
    Ruth E Blundell
    Working Studio
    Painting on wood – 2D & 3D
    A family-friendly studio with paintings & sculptures. Birds, beasts, land- & seascapes inspire me – some quirky – others, more serious interpretations.
    34 Lower End
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0HT
    Tel: 07792 656223
  • 171
    Art in Close
    Working Studio
    three painters inspired by nature
    Janet Hathiramani, Vandy Massey and Lesley Rumble. Taking inspiration from plants, land and sea, people, places and animals. Garden studio. Parking.
    19 Church Close
    CB22 4NY
    Tel: 07771 653960
  • 148
    Elizabeth Schwier
    Working Studio
    hand-thrown ceramics
    Domestic ware in high-fired terracotta, whose glaze accentuates their vibrancy and individuality. Also exploration of form in decorative pieces.
    Millfield Cottage
    Finchingfield Road, Little Sampford
    Saffron Walden
    Tel: 01799 586257
  • 254
    Kim Downes
    Working Studio
    hand-forged silver jewellery and silversmithing
    I am a silversmith who adores the feel of silver, its colour, its weight, its malleability, its timeless quality and the many textures it can display.
    99 High Street
    PE16 6NP
    Tel: 07764 580760
  • 91
    Betty Ball
    textiles, patchwork, fabric dyeing
    Inspired by environmental concerns, nature and illusions. I like patterns, but breaking the rules... Techniques include patchwork and dyeing fabrics.
    Grantchester Village Hall
    High Street
    CB3 9NG
    Tel: 01487 822083
  • 84
    Jack Freeman
    Working Studio
    portrait painter
    I am a portrait painter working in oils. I take commissions for domestic portraits and work in a contemporary realist manner using traditional methods.
    2 Hauxton Road
    CB2 9LT
    Tel: 07765 192771
  • 192
    Danielle Stretch
    artist – printmaker
    Delicate linocuts and watercolours. Decorative nature prints and illustrative prints of people in a state of heightened emotion. Cards for sale.
    5 High Street
    CB23 7BG
    Tel: 07743 089220
  • 72
    Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas
    Working Studio
    Paintings and mixed-media/collage
    Expressive use of colour, line and composition to explore mood and drama – nature, harbours, backstreets, figures. Garden, refreshments and cards.
    90 Blinco Grove
    CB1 7TS
  • 55
    Andy Dakin
    Contemporary painting and drawing
    Contemporary portrait paintings and drawings, Cambridge townscapes and loads of sketchbook work to browse through. Commissions welcomed.
    86 Hobart Road
    CB1 3PT
    Tel: 07947 853164
  • 99
    Peter Cavaciuti
    Working Studio
    paintings inspired by east asia
    Landscape, figure and flower painting in ink and watercolour on handmade papers, inspired by my love of East Asian culture. Also prints and cards.
    2 Oxford Road
    CB4 3PW
    Tel: 01223 366573
  • 153
    Helen Clarke
    Working Studio
    watercolours and inks
    Fresh uplifting watercolours and inks inspired by the beauty of nature, flowers, landscape and still life. Beautiful wild-flower meadow.
    Summer House Studio
    1 High Street
    Great Wilbraham
    CB21 5JD
    Tel: 01223 882882
  • 53
    Hilary Moreton
    experiments and adventures in drawing
    When I'm walking, all I think about is walking. When I'm drawing, all I think about is drawing. Semi-abstract works using line to explore the page.
    St Barnabas Press
    9/10 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
  • 41
    Nathan Huxtable
    Working Studio
    The space between landscape/abstraction.
    Paintings – usually acrylic – often inspired by fleeting glimpses, remembered or photographed. Filmic & intimate – layered to reveal moments & places.
    8 Gwydir Street
    CB1 2LL
    Tel: 074684 16276
  • 35
    Isobel Stemp
    Working Studio
    landscape and still life
    Fen paintings in various lights. Bold still life and a continuing love of strong colour and form. Parking by meter.
    39 Norwich Street
    CB2 1ND
    Tel: 01223 312912
  • 156
    Brenda W Field
    Working Studio
    seascapes, landscapes and more
    Seascapes, landscapes and more in various media, mostly in a semi-abstracted style. Cards and refreshments available.
    3 The Chantry
    CB21 5EJ
    Tel: 07868 252780
  • 14
    Clio Lloyd-Jacob
    Working Studio
    shadow plays and print works
    Etchings, drawings and short, live shadow plays invite you into a world where inner and outer forces join in conflict and temporary resolution.
    22 Manhattan Drive
    CB4 1JL
    Tel: 01223 501424
  • 246
    Bella Tapp
    Working Studio
    fine-art printmaker
    Stylised figurative work, focussing on beauty and decorative patterns inspired by nature. Printing demos, cards and refreshments available.
    Halcyon House
    108 High Street
    PE19 6SD
    Tel: 07974 016964
  • 158
    Carol Whitehouse
    Working Studio
    vibrant watercolours
    Inspiration is taken from my love of flowers. I like to interpret their shape and colour in a loose and vibrant watercolour style. Cards available.
    33 Hinton Road
    CB21 5DZ
    Tel: 01223 880764
  • 9
    Bilgin Soylu
    Beauty of abstraction in ceramics
    My work reflects my experimentation with glazes and formation of abstract images on ceramic surfaces, as well as my interest in Japanese pottery.
    26 Kimberley Road
    CB4 1HH
    Tel: 07715 169209
  • 133
    Fen Five
    Working Studio
    painting printmaking ceramics
    Barbara Harlow, Rosemary Scott, Sue Spence, Nicola Bramley and Jacki Perry. Paintings, printmaking and ceramics. Refreshments. Parking.
    Wicken Village Hall
    High Street
    CB7 5XR
    Tel: 07392 073353
  • 35
    Robin Stemp
    Working Studio
    photography using natural light
    Still life, buildings, interiors in changing light. Same place, another time. Parking by meter.
    39 Norwich Street
    CB2 1ND
  • 239
    Lou Mills and Clare Millen
    contemporary and unique painting and printing
    Large abstract canvases focusing on colour and line. Botanical and floral prints with greetings cards and stationary. Set in a Quaker house.
    Gateway House
    Chapel Lane
    St Ives
    PE27 5BA
    Tel: 07977 747138
  • 236
    Adrian Parfitt
    Working Studio
    furniture designer / maker / teacher
    My prime motivation is the desire to create interesting furniture that combines original design, exemplary craftsmanship and the finest wood.
    29 Brook street
    CB23 4HX
    Tel: 01954 267312
  • 126
    Caroline Furlong
    Working Studio
    Expressive landscapes in watercolour
    Expressive colourful watercolours with texture in a variety of subjects. Greetings cards also for sale. Studio set in beautiful small cottage garden.
    Outlook Cottage, 6 The Rampart
    CB6 3ST
    Tel: 07733 102903
  • 82
    Alicia Zimnickas
    abstract landscape paintings and monoprints
    Nature and light are my inspiration. Paintings full of harmony, light and positive atmosphere. Large, contemporary pieces, with the feel-good factor!
    4 Winchmore Drive
    CB2 9LW
    Tel: 07963 175508
  • 101
    Eric Marland
    Working Studio
    lettering in stone, wood, glass
    Beautiful lettering for buildings, memorials or gifts. Carved quotes for the home or garden. Studio is a chapel surrounded by many interesting graves.
    The Chapel
    10 All Souls Lane
    CB3 0EA
    Tel: 07790 836153
  • 141
    Prior Arts Group
    Seven-artist group – various media
    We are a group of seven artists from Swaffham Prior, providing an eclectic mix of art forms at one convenient venue. Parking and refreshments available.
    Swaffham Prior Village Hall
    High Street
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0LD
    Tel: 07778 666187
  • 73
    Veronica Thornton
    Working Studio
    mixed-media textiles
    Mixed-media textiles inspired by stories of place, aerial photography and maps. Currently working on coastal erosion in East Anglia.
    96 Blinco Grove
    CB1 7TS
    Tel: 07814 249923
  • 97
    David Graham
    illustrative mark-making – abstraction.
    Mark-making in both drawing and printmaking. Small-scale works that are illustrative yet also extend into the semi-abstract.
    138 Gilbert Road
    CB4 3PB
    Tel: 07813 218999
  • 4
    Jo Tunmer
    Working Studio
    oil painting, printmaking and installation
    Contemporary oil painting, ‘Solarplate’ printmaking and installation art created in response to my surrounding urban and rural landscapes.
    59 Highworth Avenue
    CB4 2BQ
    Tel: 07765 563908
  • 227
    Gabriella del Valle
    Working Studio
    Contemporary celebration of jewellery
    Contemporary selection of rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets and pendants. Using semi-precious stones adds to the contemporary nature of the work.
    Thorpe Cottage, 2 Priest Lane
    CB24 5HZ
    Tel: 07768 643917
  • 13
    Cathy Parker
    Working Studio
    paintings of trees and landscapes
    Trees and landscapes, painted outdoors in response to the subject or semi-abstracted in the studio, in various media. Sketchbooks. Interesting garden!
    17 Belvoir Road
    CB4 1JH
    Tel: 01223 354474