July Open studios

It is with great regret that we have had to cancel the 2020 July Open Studios due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, many of our members are instead taking part in 'Cambridge Open Windows 2020', displaying their work in windows and front gardens. Find out more here: https://www.camopenstudios.co.uk/open-windows

  • 23
    Peter Harrison
    Working Studio
    furniture designer and maker
    I design and make beautiful pieces of furniture, mainly from European hardwoods, using the timber as a main decorative element. Small pieces for sale.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07718 287843
  • 109
    Celine Arnaud
    Wood & Mixed Media Artist
    Naturally shaped sculptures, treasures and jewellery. My art is to reveal the sublime chestnut lines and present them to you with a touch of elegance.
    Magnolia House
    Branch Bank, Prickwillow
    CB7 4UR
    Tel: 07910 217284
  • 229
    Anine Cockwell-De Jong, Bex Burston and Ruth Fairhead
    Working Studio
    stone and wood carving, fused glass and ceramics
    Three artists under one roof. Come and see us at work – try carving and then enjoy our art in a beautiful setting! Visit our tranquil sculpture garden.
    1 Mustill's Lane
    CB24 5PW
  • 8
    Tom Phillips
    Working Studio
    figurative drawings prints and paintings slate mirrors
    I work in various media & materials – watercolour, drawing, print, collage – mainly figurative. l make slate mirrors & furniture from reclaimed wood.
    46 Hawthorn Way
    CB4 1AX
    Tel: 07704 218292
  • 186
    Janet Gammans
    Working Studio
    acrylic and watercolour paintings
    Impressionist sea/landscapes in acrylic. Animals in watercolour (hares included) and semi-abstract London/city scenes, prints and greeting cards.
    6 Greenford Close
    SG8 5QA
    Tel: 01223 207702
  • 160
    Allison Henderson
    painting, drawing and printmaking
    Paintings and prints delighting in colour and line, inspired by the natural world and observational drawing. Practical demos throughout the day.
    14 Home End
    CB21 5BS
    Tel: 07743 709476
  • 113
    James and Clare Montgomery
    Working Studio
    Landscape and abstract paintings
    Clare creates cards using acrylics and dried flowers from our garden. I paint landscape and townscapes in oils and acrylics about places we've lived.
    1 Station Cottage
    Lynn Road
    Chettisham, Ely
    CB6 1RX
    Tel: 07773 771724
  • 58
    Sarah Went
    Working Studio
    contemporary studio porcelain
    Wheel-thrown contemporary porcelain ceramics with textural accents. Tableware and vases in soft colours and natural themes.
    27 Radegund Road
    CB1 3RH
  • 170
    Debbie Burton
    Fused Glass Wall Art & Jewellery
    Inspired by the wonderful light-catching effects of glass, I create fused-glass wall art and free-standing pieces. I also have a range of jewellery.
    16 North Road
    CB22 4NZ
    Tel: 07766 550663
  • 68
    Linda Towning
    sculptures in stone
    Abstract sculptures in alabaster and soapstone. The shapes within, the play of light – stone has a story to tell!
    170 Cherry Hinton Road
    CB1 7AN
    Tel: 07867 508985
  • 43
    Emily Fowke
    realistic, lyrical, oil landscapes and portraits (including animals) and wildlife
    Inspired by Nature, I focus on conveying energy, realistic form, colour and space. Also: Portraits - People and Animals and Greetings Cards.
    53, Gwydir Street
    CB1 2LG
    Tel: tba
  • 187
    Spindependence – Collective
    Working Studio
    Multimedia Textile and Art Collaboration
    Prue v.d. Hoorn, Hazel Shaw & Linda Scott. See colour dyeing, weaving, felting, spinning, photos, polymer clay, watercolours, painted silk – join in!
    Harlton Village Hall
    Coach Drive
    CB23 1EN
    Tel: 07535 088004
  • 53
    Leigh Watson
    Working Studio
    painter, life artist, photographer
    I have recently started a series of paintings of trees, primarily from myth and legend. The plan is also to use alternative media in the project.
    St Barnabas Press, 9/10 Belfast Yard
    Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 07810 411599
  • 136
    Di Cope
    Working Studio
    oil paintings, local landscapes
    Traditional oil paintings on canvas, mostly local landscapes – fenland fields and waterways. Seeking to portray the peace of rural life.
    95 North Street (Studio above garage- please use stairs)
    CB25 0BB
    Tel: 01638 601342
  • 170
    Felicity de Vries
    Working Studio
    Fine-art contemporary prints
    Vibrant mono-printed linocuts inspired by the natural world and wildlife produced on 1837 Albion Press. Prints and cards for sale and demonstrations.
    16 North Road
    CB22 4NZ
    Tel: 07794 992021
  • 143
    Jeremy Nicholls
    decorative woodwork
    Jewellery boxes, mirrors and small tables in hardwoods, with original decorative paintings on metal leaf. Some separate paintings on panels.
    The Old Courthouse
    123 High Street
    CB25 9BA
    Tel: 01799 599834
  • 107
    Magenta Kang
    Working Studio
    textile art & korean patchwork, printing & painting
    Korean patchwork, tapestry and textile installations, using both traditional and modern designs and materials. Prints, paintings and window hangings.
    2 The Old School
    Wisbech Road
    Littleport, Ely
    CB6 1PR
    Tel: 07465 406760
  • 22
    Group Exhibition at Fen Ditton Gallery
    photography, painting, ceramics, jewellery
    Lotte Attwood – black & white photography; Rosemary Cullum – oil paintings; Helen Martino – slab-built ceramics; Janet Powell – contemporary jewellery.
    Fen Ditton Gallery
    23 High Street, Fen Ditton
    CB5 8ST
    Tel: 07843 724397
  • 210
    Angie Wocha
    Working Studio
    fused and kiln-formed glass
    Contemporary fused glass – both practical and decorative. Landscape and vibrant abstracts, with a focus on the sea and coastline of Norfolk.
    66 Mill Lane
    CB24 9HS
    Tel: 01223 237655
  • 90
    Victoria Smith
    Working Studio
    feltmaking, textiles and mixed media
    Large felted landscapes, glass vitrines with delicate tissue-paper casts, intaglio prints. Feltmaking demo at 12.00 every day – come and have a try!
    77 Coton Road
    CB3 9NT
    Tel: 07510 704667
  • 215
    Alison Hullyer
    Working Studio
    printmaker, illustrator, designer
    25th year! Professional printmaker and illustrator. Drypoints depicting nature, birds and local scenes. Own range of cards, tea towels and coasters.
    Smallstone, Hall End
    CB24 6AQ
    Tel: 01223 862974
  • 76
    Allison Conlon
    oil paintings and drawings
    Paintings and drawings – both figurative and abstract. Combination of landscapes, flowers and still life. Various sizes, including miniatures.
    St Johns Church Centre
    Hills Road
    CB2 8RN
    Tel: 07711 718859
  • 140
    David George
    watercolour and oils
    Atmospheric and expressive watercolours and oils.
    34 Mill Hill
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0JZ
    Tel: 07848 182827
  • 73
    Mirko Junkovic
    Working Studio
    acrylic & mixed-media paintings & drawings
    Abstract painting, drawing, collage, workbooks and cards, inspired by nature, gardens, landscape and the figure.
    96 Blinco Grove
    CB1 7TS
    Tel: 07751 120061
  • 240
    Anstey Garrick Green
    Working Studio
    vibrant collages and mixed media
    Collages and constructions vibrant with colour using a variety of materials such as paper, felt, encaustic and thread. Gifts, cards and refreshments.
    24 Victoria Terrace
    Hemingford Road
    Hemingford Grey
    PE27 5HD
    Tel: 01480 391096
  • 218
    Helen Humphreys
    Working Studio
    pottery sculpture
    Sculptural garden wall pots with faces. Impressed leaves and lettering on stoneware dishes, plates and tiles. Muted colours, inspired by nature.
    18 Rosemary Road
    CB25 9NB
    Tel: 01223 862968
  • 89
    Elspeth Owen
    Working Studio
    installations inside and out
    Clay, fabric, wood, dust in the old cricket pavilion. Rough ground – check for access! Through July in ‘Breaking Point’ at the University Zoology Museum.
    The Pavilion
    The Broadway
    CB3 9NQ
    Tel: 01223 841297
  • 131
    Paul Janssens
    Working Studio
    Travel-inspired paintings and jewellery
    Painting in oil and collage on wood, drawings. Handcrafted jewellery in enamel, silver, copper and semi-precious stones. Sketch books from travels.
    3 River Lane
    CB7 5PF
    Tel: 01638 723958
    • Paul Janssens
      (oil and acrylic paints, combined with collage on wood. watercolour and pen)
    • Kate Janssens
      (contemporary silver jewellery and brass/copper designs)
  • 1
    Michael Barton
    I paint oils on canvas
    I am a painter influenced by my late father. I paint in oils, I also sculpt in lead and copper.
    113 Lovell Road
    CB4 2QP
    Tel: 01223 426121
  • 81
    George Meliniotis & Lucy Winter
    chinese brush, oil & acrylic
    Variety and distinction. Chinese brush and light-fast artworks in coloured pencils by Lucy. Traditional and contemporary oils and acrylics by George.
    33 Newton Road
    CB2 8AL
    Tel: 01763 261154
  • 168
    Carol Sinclair
    Working Studio
    mixed-media sculpture
    Contemporary sculpture inspired by the erosion of natural and manufactured materials exhibited in the studio, house and riverside garden.
    Willow House
    CB21 6BU
    Tel: 01223 893613
  • 104
    Andrew Henderson and Maryam Faramarzi
    drawing and painting (various media)
    Two artists present a diverse and contrasting body of work, ranging from portraits, animals and landscape, to bicycles, buildings and boats.
    2 Mark's Way
    CB3 0PW
    Tel: 07749 832275
  • 16
    Iain Smith
    Working Studio
    glassmaker at iain's glassworks
    I make fused glass objects exploring the interplay between light, colour and shape. I also design and build my own kilns.
    11 Lynfield Lane
    CB4 1DR
    Tel: 07932 688734
  • 100
    Rosy Gounaris
    Working Studio
    individual jewellery pieces
    Unique designs in precious metals and colourful stones.
    34 Storey's Way
    CB3 0DT
    Tel: 07597 880757
  • 66
    Marion Smith
    fused and kiln-formed glass
    A colourful and vibrant collection of fused glass inspired by nature and geometric patterns. On display will be glass art, glassware and jewellery.
    4 Rustat Road
    CB1 3QT
    Tel: 07971 665190
  • 172
    Fran Godwood
    Working Studio
    pen and watercolour paintings, linocuts
    Colourful, detailed pen and watercolour paintings. Hand-printed linocuts. Tranquil gardens, old buildings and scenes of chickens and geese. Cards.
    91 Mill Lane
    CB22 3HY
    Tel: 01223 561849