July Open studios

The 2021 Cambridge Open Studios took place over the first four weekends of July with over 300 artists showing their work to the public.

  • 210
    Iona Howard
    Working Studio
    fine-art printmaking
    Prints using figuration and abstraction to portray the landscape. Recent prints of the Cambridgeshire Fens, West Penwith and The Lizard, Cornwall.
    Oasland's House, 4 Broad Lane
    CB24 8AJ
    South Cambs DC
  • 184
    Jackie Duckworth
    Working Studio
    linocuts, monoprints & textile art
    Linocuts and monoprints inspired by history, legend, birds and beasts. New textile work exploring pattern and tone. Prints and cards for sale.
    14 Home End
    CB21 5BS
    Tel: 07934 671739
    South Cambs DC
  • 172
    Astrig Akseralian
    Joyful figure & landscape painting
    New acrylic paintings. Joyful, colourful – animals, figures & landscapes. Original artwork, giclee prints & cards. Garden studio, marquee & gazebos.
    15 High Street
    Great Shelford
    CB22 5EH
    Tel: 07761 465653
    South Cambs DC
  • 73
    John Pocock
    Working Studio
    Acrylics – colour, depth and light
    I paint purely for pleasure and relaxation. All my work is in acrylics and based on my own observations. Sale proceeds go to charity.
    33 Newton Road
    CB2 8AL
    Tel: 07976 784833
  • 99
    Heidi Lichterman
    Working Studio
    weaver and painter
    Elegant handwoven silk shawls and scarves. Abstract acrylic paintings of the fens and NEW large paintings of flowers.
    The Old Courthouse
    123 High Street
    CB25 9BA
    Tel: 07503 225344
    East Cambs DC
  • 27
    Penelope Price
    Botanical artist and Illustrator
    CANCELLED. Detailed watercolour botanical works on paper and as prints. Also large acrylic paintings depicting various subjects.
    The Pitt Building, Trumpington Street
    CB2 1RP
    Tel: 01954 210896
  • 27
    Justin Rowe
    book sculpture, paper art
    Stories are brought to life through the use of paper and glue to make intricate, delicate book sculptures from classic stories and fairy tales.
    The Pitt Building
    Trumpington Street
    CB2 1RP
    Tel: 07960 892042
  • 208
    Emma Malfroy
    Working Studio
    paintings, collage and prints
    Collage, paintings and prints, using hand-painted papers, exploring pattern and colour. Images inspired by the natural world, narratives and places.
    11a Oakington Road
    CB24 8TW
    Tel: 07934 385416
    South Cambs DC
  • 89
    Ursula Cecil
    Working Studio
    Stories in clay
    There is a place where old memories grow along a path by the sea, where the dark sloes ripen in the salt-filled air, blue staining our minds with ...
    29 Kidman's Yard
    Primrose Street
    CB4 3EH
    Tel: 07794 258119
  • 144
    Cristina Stan
    Working Studio
    paintings, illustration, jewellery
    Realistic portraits in oil and pencil. Plus colourful, mixed-media abstract paintings, inspired by nature and travels. Also handmade jewellery!
    19 Butcher Drive
    PE29 2NL
    Tel: 07800 745121
    Huntingdon DC
  • 166
    Yasmeen Farooqui
    Working Studio
    Complex digital collâges
    Book to see my digital collâges, watercolours, prints and cards on display in my working studio. Come and enjoy the newly designed front garden too!
    The Old Manse, 87 High Street
    Guilden Morden
    nr Royston
    SG8 0JS
    Tel: 07885 619153
    South Cambs DC
  • 143
    Fran Williams
    Pen/wash, acrylic and watercolours
    My work reflects my passion for wildlife and the natural world, usually in my favourite pen and wash! Greetings cards/small gifts. Parking available.
    The Lodge, Hemingford Grey House
    Church Street
    Hemingford Grey, nr Huntingdon
    PE28 9DF
    Tel: 01480 462552
    Huntingdon DC
  • 214
    Helen Foster
    Abstract paintings and drawings
    Original abstract and impressionistic works in acrylics, ink and pastel. Inspired by nature from walks and chilly swims in the Fenland landscape.
    60 Church Street
    CB24 5HT
    Tel: 01954 261293
    South Cambs DC
  • 136
    Stewart and Kathryn Hearn
    Working Studio
    Blown Glass & Handbuilt Porcelain
    Unique & production work displayed in studio & garden. Vibrant coloured glass and quietly uncomfortable sculptural porcelain vessels. Range of prices.
    London Glassworks
    112a High Street (Barn via side gate of 112)
    PE16 6NN
    Tel: 01354 278084
    Fenland DC
  • 118
    Stuart Green
    Working Studio
    Colourful semi-abstract landscapes
    I paint about the colours, patterns and textures that I see in landscapes, trying to create a sense of space and place. Process and layering are vital.
    The Willows Studio
    60 Ely Road, Queen Adelaide
    nr Ely
    CB7 4TZ
    Tel: 01353 661508
    East Cambs DC
  • 49
    Sarah Went
    Working Studio
    Studio Ceramics
    Finely thrown porcelain tableware and vases decorated with contemporary patterns and colours inspired by nature. View in my airy garden studio!
    27 Radegund Road
    CB1 3RH
  • 92
    Carmen Maria Renwick
    Mixed media paintings and collage
    Inspired by the structures of flora, hills & sea, I use motif & pattern, together with collage, to simplify forms. Also at The Pitt Building (#27), w/e 1 & 4.
    54 Carlyle Road
    CB4 3DH
    Tel: 01223 324954
  • 120
    Peter Corr
    Working Studio
    Dynamic Geometric Abstract Paintings
    I am fascinated by abstraction and the simplification of subject matter, form and colour. The very act of painting is a celebration of life!
    35 Teasel Drive
    CB6 3WJ
    Tel: 07426 338911
    East Cambs DC
  • 180
    Georgina Burton
    Paintings in inks & metallic
    Passionate about the power of story-telling through illustration and creating windows to other worlds that encourage curiosity, adventure & discovery.
    Linton Village Hall
    Coles Lane
    CB21 4JS
    Tel: 07875 058962
    South Cambs DC
  • 108
    Paul and Kate Janssens
    Working Studio
    drawings, paintings and jewellery
    Painting in oil and collage on wood, drawings. Handcrafted jewellery in enamel, silver, copper and semi-precious stones. Sketchbooks from travels.
    3 River Lane
    CB7 5PF
    Tel: 07842 907640
    • Paul Janssens
      (oil and acrylic paints, combined with collage on wood. watercolour and pen)
    • Kate Janssens
      (contemporary silver jewellery and brass/copper designs)
    East Cambs DC
  • 215
    Rosemary Cullum
    Working Studio
    painter in oils
    Please come to see my large abstract images, in oils, on canvas. Colours are mixed from pigments and are raw and earthy – great emphasis on form.
    Rosemary Cullum
    Barn Studio, George Street
    CB24 5LJ
    Tel: 01954 261284
    South Cambs DC
  • 7
    Stephanie Hemming
    paintings in oil and acrylic
    Unusual portraits, atmospheric landscapes and still life in oils and acrylic. Exhibiting with potter Bilgin Soylu. Lovely gardens and a warm welcome!
    26 Kimberley Road
    CB4 1HH
    Tel: 01223 357532
  • 43
    Catherine Mellis
    Working Studio
    Printmaker – mono screen-prints
    Driving me to print is a desire to capture the transformative experience I have of being underwater – the joy of art mirroring the joy of the other.
    St Barnabas Press
    9 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
  • 216
    Michael Hughes
    Traditional Wood Turning
    Wood turning in a range of woods such as oak, beech, sequoia – making items from the functional to the artistic – bowls and clocks
    Little Oak
    66 Station Road
    CB24 5HG
    Tel: 01954 261773
    South Cambs DC
  • 43
    Ann Massing
    Working Studio
    East Asian Painting and Printmaking
    My interest in oriental art is reflected in my ink wash paintings and in my prints. Handmade cards.
    St Barnabas Press
    9 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 07766 221987
  • 164
    Charlotte Cornish
    Working Studio
    painting, printmaking
    New studio! I welcome you to see my abstract, vibrant paintings, prints and works on paper. Easy parking. Overlooking countryside, near NT Wimpole.
    Unit B8, Whitehall Farm
    Ermine Way
    SG8 0AG
    Tel: 07798 816650
    South Cambs DC
  • 19
    Peter Harrison and Mark Evans
    Working Studio
    Handmade furniture and sculpted stone
    Beautiful handmade furniture and treen, and sculpted stone, in an interesting setting. Good parking.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07718 287843
  • 195
    Janet Powell
    Working Studio
    silver and gold jewellery
    Contemporary silver and gold jewellery. Made using a variety of traditional techniques. Semi-precious stones.
    15 Abrahams Close
    CB25 9FY
    Tel: 07910 583663
    South Cambs DC
  • 159
    Colen Lumley
    Landscape paintings
    Open-air exhibition in Studio House garden. Landscapes, mainly of the Bourn Valley, Cambridgeshire – meditations on place and visual expression.
    6 Glebe Close
    CB23 2RR
    Tel: 01223 260046
    South Cambs DC
  • 2
    Malcolm Forbes
    Landscape paintings in acrylic & oils
    In my paintings, I concentrate my focus on the meeting-point between land and sky to evoke an authentic feeling for the fenland landscape. Please note now open Weekend 4 not 1.
    12 George Street
    CB4 1AJ
    Tel: 07803 955635
  • 204
    Janet Hathiramani
    Plant Art - Drawings & Paintings
    Nine windows filled with floral, botanical and woodland artworks, plus outdoor displays. Gifts and cards available.
    39 Saint Audrey's Close
    CB24 9JX
    South Cambs DC
  • 128
    Fen Three (formerly Fen Five)
    Paintings in various mediums
    Barbara Harlow (atmospheric oils), Rosemary Scott (Iberian & E Anglian landscapes), Sue Spence (impressionist painting & mixed media). Parking on site.
    Bowls Club
    Nutholt Lane
    CB7 4PL
    Tel: 07392 073353
    East Cambs DC
  • 98
    Liz Schwier
    Working Studio
    functional wheel-thrown ceramics
    See my domestic ware in high-fired terracotta, whose glaze accentuates their vibrancy and individuality! Also exploration of form in decorative pieces.
    Millfield Cottage
    Little Sampford
    nr Saffron Walden
    CB10 2QT
    Tel: 01799 586257
    Uttlesford DC
  • 176
    David Whitaker
    Working Studio
    Handloom weaver
    Handloom weaver working with natural fibres, such as wool, alpaca, cashmere and silk. A small range of items for sale, and commissions always welcomed!
    48A Frogge Street
    CB10 1SH
    Tel: 07778 742390
    South Cambs DC
  • 152
    Working Studio
    drawing, illustration, painting
    Shane Swann, Sarah McGonigle, Kate McGonigle & Hannah McGonigle. Exhibiting illustration, fine-line drawings, ink & botanical watercolour paintings.
    5 Oakington Business Park
    Dry Drayton Road
    CB24 3DQ
    Tel: 07540 402153
    South Cambs DC
  • 68
    Emma Bennett
    hand-cut collage & intricate drawing
    Hand-cut collage, new 3D pieces, prints, gifts, City Art books and a recent children’s book, in a new indoor/outdoor space. Plenty of free parking!
    40 Rock Road
    (entrance at rear, off Hartington Grove)
    CB1 7UF
    Tel: 07747 123565