July Open studios

The 2021 Cambridge Open Studios will take place over the first four weekends of July (3rd-4th, 10th-11th, 17th-18th and 24th-25th). Studios will normally be open between 11am and 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Each artist can take part for one, two, three or all four weekends. Numbers in blue refer to the studio numbers used in the Open Studios e-Guide which will be available to download from early June. PLEASE NOTE: Artists may ask visitors to make an appointment before visiting their studio. Others may choose to show their work in their windows only, with no visitors allowed inside. In both cases this information will be indicated on their entry.

  • 88
    Christine Lafon
    Working Studio
    portraits, abstract and still-life
    Sensitive, figurative portraits, still-life & abstract. See my work also weekend 4 at the city-centre Pitt Building, together with other COS artists.
    37 Stretten Avenue
    CB4 3ES
    Tel: 07400 245169
  • 217
    Chloe Leaper
    Working Studio
    drawings, prints, wall hangings
    Abstract drawings, giclee prints and macrame wall hangings exploring space–time through line, surface, layers, connectivity and networks.
    127 Station Road
    CB24 5HG
    Tel: 07717 312577
    South Cambs DC
  • 44
    Abi Wills
    Ceramic and mixed-media sculpture
    I work with clay, metal and glass. I make sculptural objects exploring intimacy, memory and emotion.
    93 Cavendish Road
    CB1 3AE
    Tel: 07815 623746
  • 197
    Helen Humphreys
    stoneware pottery and sculpture
    Sculptural garden wall pots with faces, displayed on front wall with plants. Green men. Stoneware dishes, plates and tiles with leaves and lettering.
    18 Rosemary Road
    CB25 9NB
    Tel: 01223 862968
    South Cambs DC
  • 42
    Rebecca Dawson
    Handmade, silver, gold and semi-precious stone jewellery. Wedding rings. Bespoke commissions. Joint studio with mixed-media artist Stefanie Loizou.
    184 Cromwell Road
    CB1 3EQ
    Tel: 07773 123610
  • 23
    Roxana de Rond
    Working Studio
    drawing & illustration
    Illustrating the familiar and everyday, making them more than ordinary. Often humorous and set in Cambridge. Originals, 3D images, prints and cards.
    13 Brunswick Terrace
    CB5 8DG
    Tel: 01223 729402
  • 27
    Allison Ksiazkiewicz
    printmaking and drawing
    Intaglio prints of ‘Cultured Canines’ – a project exploring the history and mythology of different dog breeds.
    The Pitt Building
    Trumpington Street
    CB2 1RP
    Tel: 07942 458461
  • 43
    Ninette Rubinstein
    Semi-abstract paintings & collages
    Semi-abstract/abstract paintings and small framed collages. Starting-points are seascapes and landscapes. Colourful, textured and expressive.
    St Barnabas Press
    9 Belfast Yard
    Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 07950 316835
  • 119
    Jonathan Deer
    Working Studio
    designer silver and gold jewellery
    Designer jewellery with a contemporary twist – geometric and natural forms in gold and silver, with precious gemstones and opals.
    3 Fitzgerald Close
    CB7 4QB
    Tel: 01353 361430
    East Cambs DC
  • 74
    Caroline Wilks
    acrylic paintings on canvas
    Vibrant acrylic paintings on canvas, inspired by both nature and the beauty of Cambridge. (See my work also at The Pitt Building, CB2 1RP, on w/e 2).
    1 The Copper Building
    Kingfisher Way
    CB2 8BL
    Tel: 07432 418268
  • 12
    Joy Voisey
    Working Studio
    Wheel and Handbuilt items
    Three years of work. Mugs, jugs, ovenware, platters and tiles. Demonstrations. All outside under shelter in large garden. Relax by pond! Easy parking.
    7 Fen Road
    CB4 1BS
    Tel: 01223 426171
  • 73
    George Meliniotis
    oils, acrylics, texture and colour
    Subjects ranging from landscapes and seascapes, to abstract, surreal and portraits, with a variety of textures and effects, using oils or acrylics.
    33 Newton Road
    CB2 8AL
    Tel: 07738 200767
  • 16
    Sarah Lucy Lee
    Vibrant and Colourful Oil Paintings
    Strong, vibrant, still-life oil paintings – from petals to planets, from copper kettles to gas-cloud formations! Originals and greeting cards.
    19 Saxon Road
    CB5 8HS
    Tel: 07588 917301
  • 2
    Malcolm Forbes
    Landscape paintings in acrylic & oils
    In my paintings, I concentrate my focus on the meeting-point between land and sky to evoke an authentic feeling for the fenland landscape.
    12 George Street
    CB4 1AJ
    Tel: 07803 955635
  • 100
    Matthew Blakely
    Pots inspired by geology
    A wide range of porcelain and stoneware pots, ranging from mugs to individual one-off pieces. Wood- or gas-fired using found rocks, clays & wood ash.
    9 Abbey Lane
    CB25 9EP
    Tel: 01223 811959
    East Cambs DC
  • 79
    Tess Recordon
    Working Studio
    contemporary landscape paintings
    Oil paintings and prints. Highly original in style! New landscapes (20/21) depicting Cornwall, the Lake District, Scotland and Chile.
    69 Broadway
    CB3 9NQ
    Tel: 07870 963587
  • 15
    Melanie Max
    Atmospheric semi-abstract landscapes
    Oil paintings inspired by the British coast. Exhibition held in the airy light annex, with refreshments served outside. Lovely river walks nearby!
    St Andrews Hall
    St Andrews Road
    CB4 1DH
    Tel: 07895 074079
  • 3
    Nancy Kimberley
    Working Studio
    silver jewellery
    Unique silver, mixed-metal & enamel jewellery inspired by nature. Gazebo in the garden to enable covid-safe browsing!
    15 Highworth Avenue
    CB4 2BQ
    Tel: 07946 534012
  • 102
    Prior Arts Group
    textile art, paintings and ceramics
    We are a diverse group of artists from Swaffham Prior, in textiles, ceramics and paint. Parking and refreshments available – covid-secure of course!
    Village Hall
    High Street
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0LD
    Tel: 07778 666187
    East Cambs DC
  • 215
    Rosemary Cullum
    Working Studio
    painter in oils
    Please book to see my large abstract images, in oils, on canvas. Colours are mixed from pigments and are raw and earthy – great emphasis on form.
    Rosemary Cullum
    Barn Studio, George Street
    CB24 5LJ
    Tel: 01954 261284
    South Cambs DC
  • 112
    Sonia Lewis
    Working Studio
    High-fired porcelain & stoneware
    Porcelain fired to high temperature, with subtle glazes. Wood-fired stoneware and ash glazes. To limit numbers, please consider phoning before coming.
    The Pottery
    50 Main Street
    Prickwillow, nr Ely
    CB7 4UN
    Tel: 07549 161976 / 01353 688316
    East Cambs DC
  • 95
    Jill Leech
    Working Studio
    textile artist
    This year, my open studio will be taking place in my garage. You will be welcome to talk to me, watch me work, plus make purchases & commission works!
    27 Old Mill Road
    Saffron Walden
    CB11 3EP
    Tel: 01799 524788
    Uttlesford DC
  • 104
    David George
    Watercolours and oils
    Atmospheric and expressive watercolours and oils. Also exhibiting with Prior Arts Group (#102b), w/e 1 & 2.
    Windmill Cottage
    34 Mill Hill
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0JZ
    Tel: 07848 182827
    East Cambs DC
  • 199
    Daniela Stief
    Working Studio
    One-off hand-built ceramics
    One-off hand-built stoneware pieces – vases, planters, hanging birds, canetops and more! Close to A14, off Cambridge Rd. Outside space available.
    3 The Coppice
    CB24 9PP
    Tel: 07583 348457
    South Cambs DC
  • 132
    Claire McGinley
    Working Studio
    Pastel landscapes & stoneware pots
    See pastel landscapes and stoneware pots, cards, tea towels and little birds. Turn right at play park, then immediate left along Watsons Lane. Window display.
    Field House
    Watsons Lane
    Little Thetford, nr Ely
    CB6 3HE
    Tel: 01353 648794
    East Cambs DC
  • 205
    Matthew Dando
    abstract wooden garden sculptures
    I carve medium-sized wooden sculptures that are designed for the garden. My influences are the fluidity in shapes and movements that occur in nature.
    16 Aingers Road
    CB24 9JP
    Tel: 07504 858315
    South Cambs DC
  • 73
    John Pocock
    Working Studio
    Acrylics – colour, depth and light
    I paint purely for pleasure and relaxation. All my work is in acrylics and based on my own observations. Sale proceeds go to charity.
    33 Newton Road
    CB2 8AL
    Tel: 07976 784833
  • 148
    Adrian Parfitt
    Working Studio
    Furniture designer/ maker / teacher
    I now work part-time as I am retired… half of that time is spent teaching the craft of furniture making, the other half is spent creating furniture!
    29 Brook street
    CB23 4HX
    Tel: 01954 267312
    South Cambs DC
  • 34
    Jonny Church
    Working Studio
    New works – oil on wood
    Lines and forms in nature emerge as semi-abstract landscapes. Themes of loss, solitude, absence and the hope of regeneration.
    11 Upper Gwydir Street
    CB1 2LR
    Tel: 07771 312195
  • 28
    Emma Pratt
    Painting drawing and digital media
    Installation of a webcomic written between November 2020 and March 2021. Interwoven narratives of history, identity, connection… and disconnection.
    94a Regent Street
    CB2 1DP
    Tel: 07934 857996
  • 180
    Sonia Villiers
    iconic local paintings
    Lively colourful scenes of Cambridge, Saffron Walden & Linton in acrylic, oil & watercolour. Prints, cards, scarves & cushions. Easy parking & teas!
    Linton Village Hall
    Coles Lane
    CB21 4JS
    Tel: 07890 509160
    South Cambs DC
  • 81
    Karen Faulkner-Dunkley
    Jewellery Designer & Maker
    Elegant jewellery in silver and gold. Recent collections have been infused with meaning, so that your jewellery reflects the authentic 'you'.
    Grantchester Village Hall
    Vicarage Drive
    CB3 9NG
    Tel: 07947 113359
  • 67
    Mirko Junkovic
    Working Studio
    Contemporary abstracts & drawings
    A range of new work on canvas and paper, inspired by elements of landscape and the figure, including an opportunity to browse through sketchbooks.
    96 Blinco Grove
    CB1 7TS
    Tel: 07751 120061
  • 60
    Marion Smith
    Fused Glass Artist
    A colourful and vibrant collection of fused glass inspired by nature and geometric patterns. On display will be glass art, glassware and jewellery.
    4 Rustat Road
    CB1 3QT
    Tel: 07971 665190
  • 140
    John Bell
    Working Studio
    Artist – & painting demonstrations
    Working studio and gallery set outside in a large, picturesque garden that has ample outdoor seating, with refreshments available upon request!
    1 Hammond Way
    PE28 3YE
    Tel: 07850 477555
    Huntingdon DC
  • 42
    Stefanie Loizou
    Working Studio
    mixed media and collage
    Well-loved stories are reinvented by embellishing, manipulating and transforming original books and illustrations into decorative pieces of art.
    184 Cromwell Road
    CB1 3EQ
    Tel: 07976 192218