July Open studios

It is with great regret that we have had to cancel the 2020 July Open Studios due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, many of our members are instead taking part in 'Cambridge Open Windows 2020', displaying their work in windows and front gardens. Find out more here: https://www.camopenstudios.co.uk/open-windows

  • 23
    Daniel Humphreys
    Working Studio
    Bespoke Furnituremaker
    I'm a ‘maker of bespoke furniture’ – with a studio – exhibiting alongside other artists in central Cambridge.
    The Wood Yard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07713 175689
  • 138
    Annie Neild
    Working Studio
    Wet felting with hand embroidery
    APOLOGIES - STUDIO CANCELLED - Experimental wet felting, embroidered by hand. Three-dimensional organic forms.
    36 Lower End
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0HT
    Tel: 07783 645573
  • 132
    Janene Elise Pike and Lindy Jane Rainbow
    mixed-media and textiles
    Daughter-and-mother collaboration. Janene uses many processes and techniques, from painting to digital manipulation, and Lindy works with textiles.
    31 High Street
    CB7 5XR
    Tel: 07917 151955
  • 53
    Rose Scott
    Working Studio
    peaceful, semi-abstract land/seascapes
    Peaceful, atmospheric, semi-abstract coastal and fen landscapes inspired by differing light and colour conditions.
    St Barnabas Press
    9/10 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 07715 332957
  • 5
    Nancy Kimberley
    Working Studio
    silver jewellery
    Unique silver, mixed-metal and enamel jewellery inspired by nature. Working studio, garden setting and refreshments.
    15 Highworth Avenue
    CB4 2BQ
    Tel: 07946 534012
  • 59
    Birgitte Bruun and Sarah Blake
    Working Studio
    contemporary jewellery, paintings, ceramics
    Silver and gold jewellery – contemporary, timeless designs. Sarah-Cate Blake – watercolour paintings and ceramics; natural forms and landscapes.
    28 Radegund Rd
    CB1 3RS
    Tel: 01223 514366
  • 200
    Naina Babbar
    acrylic and mixed media paintings
    Vibrant collection of original artwork using acrylic, pencil, pastels and collage. Mounted in unique frames. Cards for sale. Commissions welcome!
    12 High Street
    CB23 7PL
    Tel: 07701 082047
  • 80
    Liz Langley
    Working Studio
    Contemporary Ceramics Studio
    Liz Langley creates contemporary ceramic decor and tableware pieces for homes and restaurants, made with unique techniques and styles.
    8 Aberdeen Avenue
    CB2 8DP
    Tel: 07568 139814
  • 53
    Adrian Novac
    Working Studio
    Figurative & abstract oil paintings
    With subject matter ranging from common to bizarre, holy to profane, I am most interested in exploring the immense possibilities offered by the medium.
    St Barnabas Press
    9/10 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 07711 290191
  • 48
    Abi Wills
    fine-art ceramic sculpture
    I make ceramic sculpture exploring ideas of fragility, intimacy, memory and imagination.
    93 Cavendish Road
    CB1 3AE
    Tel: 01223 210258
  • 60
    Lucyna Mazur
    folk-art-inspired textile pieces
    Fabric designs inspired by Polish folk art printed onto soft velvet. Bags, cushions and other textile pieces.
    174 Perne Road
    CB1 3NX
  • 134
    Anthony Day
    Working Studio
    painting, drawing
    Open two weekends this year, but access by phone always for a green welcome.
    12 Pond Green
    CB7 5XX
    Tel: 01353 720159
  • 36
    Terry Chance
    mosaics, glass art and jewellery
    Quirky, colourful and unusual mosaic and copper foil stained-glass birds, jewellery and artwork.
    66 Glisson Road
    CB1 2HF
    Tel: 07871 097870
  • 238
    Paula Armstrong and Ruth Beech
    Working Studio
    ceramics, textiles and mixed media
    Paula's hand-built ceramics are inspired by the potential within seed pods. Ruth explores connections, memories and grief through a variety of media.
    5 Rookery Place
    PE28 9LZ
    Tel: 01480 700280
  • 103
    Alice Thomson
    Working Studio
    expressive portrayals of local scenes
    Expressive loose quality through sensitive use of line, colour and collage to depict a time and place, often Cambridge. I speak of the joy of places.
    4 Bandon Road
    CB3 0LU
    Tel: 01223 529937
  • 110
    Sonia Lewis
    Working Studio
    high-fired wheel-thrown pots
    Wheel-thrown pots in both stoneware and porcelain. High-fired – up to 1300 deg C in reduction kilns with wood-ash glazes.
    The Pottery
    50 Main Street, Prickwillow
    CB7 4UN
    Tel: 01353 688316
  • 106
    Peter Crussell
    Working Studio
    ink, graphite, acrylic & watercolour
    Watercolour, acrylics and ink paintings – plus graphite drawings and ink illustrations. Also a range of beautiful cards and children's books available.
    11a Cross Lane
    Little Downham
    CB6 2TJ
    Tel: 07769 673180
  • 251
    Marian Savill
    Working Studio
    collage, book arts and assemblage
    Collage, assemblage, art journals, sketchbooks and zines made using recycled materials to inform my practice with a sustainable, eco-friendly ethic.
    Savage Studios (above The Honest John Public House)
    24a–26 South Park Street
    PE16 6AR
    Tel: 07837 698821
  • 56
    Naomi Davies
    Working Studio
    pen and watercolour, urban sketcher
    Quirky, observational ink drawings with vibrant watercolour, often featuring Cambridge and bicycles. Urban sketcher. Gifts/cards. Free road parking.
    151 Hobart Road
    CB1 3PS
    Tel: 01223 711055
  • 214
    Cheryl Bird & Linda Bartlett
    Working Studio
    Divine handcrafted organic silver jewellery
    Divine handcrafted organic silver jewels. Delicious seaglass, gorgeous gems, fab pearls. Abstract artwork also on show, all in our ‘garden studio’.
    The Garden Studio
    6 Cambridge Road
    CB24 6AW
    Tel: 07766 407162
  • 37
    Steve West
    Working Studio
    painter and printmaker
    Paintings using acrylic, screen-print and spray-paint. Interruptions and connections; journeys with a fragmented map. Access down Tenison Avenue.
    81 Highsett
    CB2 1NZ
    Tel: 07425 142662
  • 190
    John McGill
    Working Studio
    sculpture and drawing
    I am fascinated with transformation – bronze and other materials fuse ideas to produce a new reality. Drawings and sculptures in a C17 barn/orchard.
    The Berern
    Comberton Road
    CB23 2RY
    Tel: 01223 262024
  • 11
    Working Studio
    textiles, wood, print, ceramics, mixed-media
    Visit our five studios! Beautiful and unique art made collaboratively with people possessing learning disabilities. Workshops running, plus art on sale.
    40 Humberstone Road
    CB4 1JG
    Tel: 01223 566027
  • 143
    Heidi Lichterman
    Working Studio
    internationally acclaimed textile artist.
    Ikat-dyed, handwoven wearable art – silk scarves and shawls. Woven silk and wire hangings. Abstract acrylic paintings of the fens.
    The Old Courthouse
    123 High Street
    CB25 9BA
    Tel: 01223 811461
  • 91
    Karen Faulkner-Dunkley
    sterling silver and gold jewellery
    Elegant jewellery in silver and gold. Inspired by nature. Celebrating 20 years in business. Made with passion, given with love and worn with style.
    Grantchester Village Hall
    High Street
    CB3 9NG
    Tel: 07947 113359
  • 53
    Catherine Mellis
    Working Studio
    fine-art printmaker
    I produce abstract/semi-abstract screen-printed monoprints inspired by the underwater world and the vibrancy of colour found there and in ink itself.
    St Barnabas Press
    9/10 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
  • 183
    Gina Ferrari
    Working Studio
    painting, collage and stitch
    Paintings, collage and stitch, with a focus on colour and texture often inspired by nature. Plenty of new work, plus smaller items, for sale.
    17 Church Street
    Guilden Morden
    SG8 0JD
    Tel: 01763 852971
  • 248
    John R Newman
    Working Studio
    oil and acrylic
    Original paintings and studies in oil and acrylic of landscapes, seascapes, portraits and abstracts.
    13d Main Street
    PE29 1XN
    Tel: 07909 698889
  • 79
    Caroline Wilks
    acrylic paintings on canvas
    My work is acrylic paintings on canvas, largely inspired by nature – they’re vibrant, colourful and uplifting to look at!
    1 The Copper Building
    Kingfisher Way
    CB2 8BL
    Tel: 07432 418268
  • 245
    Lynn Norton
    atmospheric landscapes and vibrant wildlife
    My influence is the natural world. Impressionistic landscapes in acrylic and soft pastel, along with vibrant wildlife and flowers in acrylic inks.
    Hilton House
    Graveley Way, Hilton
    PE28 9NN
    Tel: 07764 556251
  • 216
    Richard Morgan
    Working Studio
    Colourful mosaic homewares
    Happy, vibrant mosaics, handmade from a variety of materials – many upcycled – including glass, ceramic and resin. Decorative and practical homewares.
    31 Cherry Close
    CB24 6BZ
  • 92
    Rebecca-Anne and Denise Boldra
    silver, swarovski crystals
    Contemporary silversmithing and jewellery. Flowing silversmithing designs and sparkling Swarovski crystals in semi-precious jewellery.
    The Old Museum, The Orchard
    47 Mill Way
    CB3 9ND
    Tel: 07922 098314
  • 151
    Sonia Villiers
    iconic local paintings
    Lively acrylic, watercolour, oil & collage works of Cambridge & Saffron Walden. Cards, prints, scarves. Good parking. Also w/e 3: Linton Village Hall.
    Moules Lane
    Hadstock, Cambridge
    CB21 4PD
    Tel: 07890 509160
  • 251
    Richard Savage
    Working Studio
    Fine-art painting & illustration
    Working studio, fine-art painting, collaborative work, drawing, illustrations, arts publishing. A warm welcome and refreshments!
    Savage Studios (above the Honest John public house)
    24a– 26 South Park Street
    PE16 6AR
    Tel: 01354 696421
  • 6
    Richard Heeps
    Working Studio
    Hand-printed analogue colour photography
    A conceptual showcase of photography – made over thirty years – where one piece leads to another, including my most recent artwork from Milan.
    2 Springfield Road
    CB4 1AD
    Tel: 07967 359699
  • 23
    Indira McKenzie
    handmade unique jewellery
    I make ideas real such that you can give life to them – versatile jewellery – ancient and contemporary designs using gold, silver, stones and fossils.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07442 181744