July Open studios

It is with great regret that we have had to cancel the 2020 July Open Studios due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, many of our members are instead taking part in 'Cambridge Open Windows 2020', displaying their work in windows and front gardens. Find out more here: https://www.camopenstudios.co.uk/open-windows

  • 214
    Cheryl Bird & Linda Bartlett
    Working Studio
    Divine handcrafted organic silver jewellery
    Divine handcrafted organic silver jewels. Delicious seaglass, gorgeous gems, fab pearls. Abstract artwork also on show, all in our ‘garden studio’.
    The Garden Studio
    6 Cambridge Road
    CB24 6AW
    Tel: 07766 407162
  • 61
    Cheryl Warren
    Working Studio
    oil painter
    Oil paintings of landscapes – in all sizes, framed and unframed. Prints and cards. Easy parking outside. Refreshments served.
    71 Burnside
    CB1 3PA
    Tel: 07450 850019
  • 23
    Peter Harrison
    Working Studio
    furniture designer and maker
    I design and make beautiful pieces of furniture, mainly from European hardwoods, using the timber as a main decorative element. Small pieces for sale.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07718 287843
  • 193
    Laura Chaplin
    artist, fine-art printmaker
    Unique screen-printed pieces. Impressionistic with graphic qualities, in muted colours often described as ethereal. Cards and hand-finished items.
    Artists' Marquee
    New Road, Barton
    CB23 7EY
    Tel: 07984 209619
  • 137
    Ruth E Blundell
    Working Studio
    Painting on wood – 2D & 3D
    A family-friendly studio with paintings & sculptures. Birds, beasts, land- & seascapes inspire me – some quirky – others, more serious interpretations.
    34 Lower End
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0HT
    Tel: 07792 656223
  • 11
    Working Studio
    textiles, wood, print, ceramics, mixed-media
    Visit our five studios! Beautiful and unique art made collaboratively with people possessing learning disabilities. Workshops running, plus art on sale.
    40 Humberstone Road
    CB4 1JG
    Tel: 01223 566027
  • 35
    Robin Stemp
    Working Studio
    photography using natural light
    Still life, buildings, interiors in changing light. Same place, another time. Parking by meter.
    39 Norwich Street
    CB2 1ND
  • 233
    Sarah Hutchinson
    Working Studio
    painting, drawing & printmaking
    Original drawings, paintings and Intaglio prints exploring wildlife and nature. Limited edition prints and cards are available.
    7 The Drift
    CB23 4JN
    Tel: 07425 167891
  • 208
    Sue Smith
    Working Studio
    painting and illustration
    Cambridgeshire artist and illustrator working in watercolour, ink and coloured pencil. Colourful Cambridge scenes, everyday objects and nature.
    1 Bell Hill
    CB24 9JQ
    Tel: 07946 025925
  • 167
    Louise Venning
    Working Studio
    Experimental mixed media, painting and sculpture
    Mixed-media painting creating texture and beautiful depth of colour. Inspired by life's little details, storms, sunsets, seascapes and landscapes.
    Camps Hall
    Camps End
    CB21 4TP
    Tel: 07415 214267
  • 53
    Maree Allitt
    Working Studio
    Porcelain Ceramics
    A variety of porcelain ceramics – from contemporary hanging decorations, to vases, bowls and dishes featuring a distinctive range of surface patterns.
    St Barnabas Press
    9/10 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
  • 168
    Carol Sinclair
    Working Studio
    mixed-media sculpture
    Contemporary sculpture inspired by the erosion of natural and manufactured materials exhibited in the studio, house and riverside garden.
    Willow House
    CB21 6BU
    Tel: 01223 893613
  • 228
    Helen Foster
    Experimental abstract paintings and drawings
    Abstract and impressionistic works using acrylic, inks and pastel. Inspired by the natural world, I make colourful contemporary art rooted in science.
    60 Church Street
    CB24 5HT
  • 64
    Karen Stamper
    Working Studio
    paintings, drawings, sketchbooks
    Colourful, energetic layered collage paintings and drawings with a rich surface – each look reveals something new! Sketchbooks, garden studio, tea/cake.
    35 Cowper Road
    CB1 3SL
    Tel: 07789 242821
  • 23
    Sudesh Prasad
    Working Studio
    painting drawing multimedia
    Selected abstract paintings and framed drawings from the recent series of work exploring pattern repetition.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
  • 27
    Alison Davies
    Working Studio
    oil painting, collage and sculpture
    My paintings, mainly abstract, reflect my interest in shape, colour and over-painting. My sculptures are in stone, some featuring bronze decoration.
    27 Priory Road
    CB5 8HT
    Tel: 07538 769737
  • 41
    Nathan Huxtable
    Working Studio
    The space between landscape/abstraction.
    Paintings – usually acrylic – often inspired by fleeting glimpses, remembered or photographed. Filmic & intimate – layered to reveal moments & places.
    8 Gwydir Street
    CB1 2LL
    Tel: 074684 16276
  • 199
    Sue Day
    handcrafted books
    Handcrafted books combining traditional bookbinding skills with contemporary designs, using decorative papers, leather and eco-friendly cork.
    Coton Village Hall
    56 High Street
    CB23 7PL
  • 52
    Cat Vitebsky
    Working Studio
    figurative sculptor and bronze caster
    I am a figurative sculptor, working predominantly in bronze. Casting my own work informs my sculpture as bronze has unique transformative properties.
    240 Coldhams Lane
    CB1 3HN
    Tel: 07748 826072
  • 40
    Jonny Church
    Working Studio
    New works. Oil on wood.
    New works. Lines and forms in nature emerge as abstract and semi-abstract landscapes. Themes of loss, absence and the hope of regeneration.
    11 Upper Gwydir Street
    CB1 2LR
    Tel: 07771 312195
  • 128
    Sarah Dodkin Rush
    Working Studio
    sculpture, paintings & prints
    Inspired by current thinking of reuse, recycle & reinvent, my artworks take leftover wood and paint to create layered work that I then distress.
    1 Cyprian Rust Way
    CB7 5ZE
    Tel: 07984 230435
  • 231
    Peter Halasovski
    Working Studio
    cast and fused glass
    Glass worked using a variety of techniques – stained, fused, slumped and cast. My pieces come to life in the light.
    124 Boxworth End
    CB24 4RA
    Tel: 07921 706942
  • 255
    Ed Beswick
    A first-time photographic exhibitor. Having moved to the Fens a few years ago, images are a reflection of both city and country.
    Cawthorn Farm
    Stocking Drove
    PE16 6SH
    Tel: 07850 023480
  • 101
    Eric Marland
    Working Studio
    lettering in stone, wood, glass
    Beautiful lettering for buildings, memorials or gifts. Carved quotes for the home or garden. Studio is a chapel surrounded by many interesting graves.
    The Chapel
    10 All Souls Lane
    CB3 0EA
    Tel: 07790 836153
  • 250
    Stephen Murfitt
    Working Studio
    Hand-built and Raku-fired ceramic forms and vessels. Kinetic sculptures by Andrew Jones in the garden.
    Old Chapel, Chapel Road
    Ramsey Heights
    PE26 2RS
    Tel: 01487 711478
  • 23
    Daniel Humphreys
    Working Studio
    Bespoke Furnituremaker
    I'm a ‘maker of bespoke furniture’ – with a studio – exhibiting alongside other artists in central Cambridge.
    The Wood Yard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07713 175689
  • 200
    Barbara Maher
    oils and watercolours
    Various media, predominately oils on canvas, watercolours, photography and prints. Landscapes, nature and still life.
    12 The High Street
    CB23 7PL
    Tel: 07796 264704
  • 94
    Pippa Westoby
    Working Studio
    Lettering on stone and paper
    Hand-carved lettering on stone and slate. Framed originals and prints of hand-drawn and painted lettering. Commissions taken.
    Cambridge Artworks
    5 Greens Road
    CB4 3EF
    Tel: 07791 869056
  • 90
    Victoria Smith
    Working Studio
    feltmaking, textiles and mixed media
    Large felted landscapes, glass vitrines with delicate tissue-paper casts, intaglio prints. Feltmaking demo at 12.00 every day – come and have a try!
    77 Coton Road
    CB3 9NT
    Tel: 07510 704667
  • 44
    Martin Evans
    abstract, pen & charcoal, detailed
    I draw using Mitsubishi uni-ball marker pens, mostly black. All drawings are abstract, searching for light, pattern, rhythm, contrast and perspective.
    162 Gwydir Street
    CB1 2LW
    Tel: 07912 675754
  • 19
    Emma Will
    Working Studio
    ceramic artist
    Coastal-inspired ceramics – using clay, driftwood, sea glass & muted glazes. Creating sculptures, vessels & jewellery. Beach-hut studio in the garden.
    16 Dalton Square
    CB4 1QJ
  • 53
    Rose Scott
    Working Studio
    peaceful, semi-abstract land/seascapes
    Peaceful, atmospheric, semi-abstract coastal and fen landscapes inspired by differing light and colour conditions.
    St Barnabas Press
    9/10 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 07715 332957
  • 32
    Emma Louise Pratt
    Working Studio
    belonging, connection and place
    Sharing stories of travel and home – meditative works resulting from a residency project working with a community group in Trumpington, Cambridge.
    94A Regent Street
    First Floor
    CB2 1DP
    Tel: 07934 857996
  • 18
    Charlotte Cornish
    Working Studio
    painting, printmaking
    Colourful, vibrant paintings, prints and works on paper. Studio located in the garden of 'The Moorings', at the end of Thrifts Walk.
    The Studio, The Moorings
    Thrifts Walk
    CB4 1NR
    Tel: 07798 816650
  • 139
    Paul Abbott
    Working Studio
    colourful oil paintings and more
    Colourful oil paintings created using a palette knife – coastal, rural and local landscapes. Choice of framing, studio in front of windmill.
    The Mill House
    11 Mill Hill
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0JZ
    Tel: 01638 741537
  • 141
    Prior Arts Group
    Seven-artist group – various media
    We are a group of seven artists from Swaffham Prior, providing an eclectic mix of art forms at one convenient venue. Parking and refreshments available.
    Swaffham Prior Village Hall
    High Street
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0LD
    Tel: 07778 666187