July Open studios

It is with great regret that we have had to cancel the 2020 July Open Studios due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, many of our members are instead taking part in 'Cambridge Open Windows 2020', displaying their work in windows and front gardens. Find out more here: https://www.camopenstudios.co.uk/open-windows

  • 209
    Andrew Goyder
    Working Studio
    Bespoke Furniture in Hardwoods
    From a home workshop, I make aesthetic yet practical furniture in beautiful hardwoods. I design affordable classic pieces with a modern twist.
    10 The Green
    CB24 9JA
    Tel: 07738 579166
  • 102
    Pavlina Marie Kasparova
    Working Studio
    passion makes dreams a reality
    Making art is passion, and passion turns dreams to reality. For me, art is life. It is a strong, expressive language by which I talk to others.
    153 Huntingdon Road
    CB3 0DH
    Tel: 07720 533238
  • 228
    Helen Foster
    Experimental abstract paintings and drawings
    Abstract and impressionistic works using acrylic, inks and pastel. Inspired by the natural world, I make colourful contemporary art rooted in science.
    60 Church Street
    CB24 5HT
  • 83
    Ho-Young Reynolds
    Working Studio
    oil paintings, charcoal & pencil drawings
    Oil paintings (still life/landscape/portraits/nude). Top-quality canvases and durable colours. Portrait commissions taken.
    6 One Tree Road
    CB2 9BT
    Tel: 07795 478643
  • 108
    Riverside Arts
    Working Studio
    furniture, painting, printing, ceramics, textiles
    New 2D/3D work – Rick Forward, Caroline Forward, Gordon Chesterman, Ditty Dokter, Jane Frost, Barbara McGirr, Ken Murray, Anna Osborne, Jeremy Peake.
    New from Old Furniture Workshop
    White House Road
    Little Ouse
    CB7 4TG
    Tel: 07745 230349
  • 152
    Donna Goymer & Lou Haywood
    mixed media textile artwork
    Responses to the natural world in mixed-media textiles, embroidery & quilting. Group Show: w/e 2 @ Hadstock Village Hall; w/e 3 @ Linton Village Hall.
    Hadstock Village Hall (parking available)
    Church Path
    CB21 4PH
    Tel: 07738 674275
  • 23
    Jelena Lukic
    mixed-media artist
    An exploration of ideas through painting, collage and digital art. Group exhibition in a working studio. Easy parking. Instagram: jelenalukic.art.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07956 743804
  • 77
    Sally Roach
    Working Studio
    basketry, fibre art
    Sculptural pieces and functional baskets designed using techniques and materials that reflect my love of colour and the world around me.
    253 Hills Road
    CB2 8RP
    Tel: 01223 249276
  • 53
    Ann Massing
    Working Studio
    East Asian Painting and Printmaking
    My interest in oriental art is reflected in my paintings in ink and watercolour and in my prints. Handmade cards.
    St Barnabas Press
    9/10 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 07766 221987
  • 198
    Georgina Briggs
    Working Studio
    Oil paints and oil pencils
    I paint in oils to capture life-like animal subjects. I also work in polychromos oil pencils, using layering techniques for detailed pieces.
    67 Bramley Way
    Tel: 01954 211373
  • 27
    Alison Davies
    Working Studio
    oil painting, collage and sculpture
    My paintings, mainly abstract, reflect my interest in shape, colour and over-painting. My sculptures are in stone, some featuring bronze decoration.
    27 Priory Road
    CB5 8HT
    Tel: 07538 769737
  • 98
    Kate Green
    Working Studio
    colour-happy abstract paintings
    I use paint to 'sing with colour'. From big bold pieces to tiny vibrant studio sketches, there's something for everyone!
    65 Akeman Street
    CB4 3HE
    Tel: 07972 910510
  • 94
    Pippa Westoby
    Working Studio
    Lettering on stone and paper
    Hand-carved lettering on stone and slate. Framed originals and prints of hand-drawn and painted lettering. Commissions taken.
    Cambridge Artworks
    5 Greens Road
    CB4 3EF
    Tel: 07791 869056
  • 23
    Sarah Dobson
    contemporary silver jewellery
    Playful figurative jewellery, inspired by reading and roaming. Traditional techniques conjuring fairy tales in silver, with an occasional sparkle.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07814 428726
  • 15
    Melanie Max
    Landscape paintings
    Atmospheric semi-abstract oil paintings of the Norfolk coast and the Isles of Scilly. Beautiful river walks nearby. Refreshments and a warm welcome!
    The Annexe, St Andrew’s Hall
    St Andrew’s Road, Chesterton
    CB4 1DH
    Tel: 07895 074079
  • 42
    Rosemary Catling
    Working Studio
    Contemporary figurative painting
    New paintings, drawings, prints and collage. Work mainly figurative, often autobiographical. Themes of ephemerality and absence. Interesting garden.
    10 Gwydir Street
    CB1 2LL
    Tel: 01223 323798
  • 25
    Sarah Lucy Lee
    Working Studio
    representational oil painting in vibrant colours
    A rich, vibrant array of oil paintings in still-life, with a twist of zest and a sprinkle of twinkle! Pretty garden, refreshments, metered parking.
    19 Saxon Road
    CB5 8HS
    Tel: 07722 379763
  • 120
    Mary Cullen and Colin Astley
    handmade jewellery, abstract paintings
    Two artists exhibiting together. Individually handcrafted silver and gold jewellery along with abstract landscapes inspired by the fens and skies.
    10 Prickwillow Road
    CB7 4QP
    Tel: 07305 035214
  • 40
    Jonny Church
    Working Studio
    New works. Oil on wood.
    New works. Lines and forms in nature emerge as abstract and semi-abstract landscapes. Themes of loss, absence and the hope of regeneration.
    11 Upper Gwydir Street
    CB1 2LR
    Tel: 07771 312195
  • 189
    Colen Lumley
    Working Studio
    landscape painter
    My work progressively aims for atmospheric expression of landscape. The threatened historic landscape of the Bourn Valley my subject this year.
    6 Glebe Close,
    CB23 2RR
    Tel: 01223 260046
  • 76
    Denise Schoenberg
    watercolour artist and art tutor
    Nature- & texture-inspired vibrant watercolour paintings of flowers, landscapes & rusty discarded objects. Paintings, prints, mugs, cards. Free parking!
    St John's Church Center
    Hills Road
    CB2 8RN
    Tel: 07549 402661
  • 119
    Marina Yedigaroff
    paintings, mixed-media
    Intense, decorative paintings and painted furniture, bowls, boxes and fabrics. Joyful atmosphere. If it has a surface, I can paint it!
    20 Newnham Street
    CB7 4PE
    Tel: 01353 656916
  • 142
    Teresa Crickmar
    Working Studio
    Contemporary jewellery designer / maker / teacher
    My work explores themes of the divine feminine, nature and simple joy. I am a teacher and healer at heart and love sharing my passion for creativity.
    9 Swaffham Road
    CB25 9EZ
    Tel: 07812 243732
  • 32
    Emma Louise Pratt
    Working Studio
    belonging, connection and place
    Sharing stories of travel and home – meditative works resulting from a residency project working with a community group in Trumpington, Cambridge.
    94A Regent Street
    First Floor
    CB2 1DP
    Tel: 07934 857996
  • 54
    Hatty Richmond & Becky Convey
    Oil paintings & handmade jewellery
    A combined exhibition of oil paintings by Hatty Richmond and handcrafted jewellery utilizing silver, gold and semi-precious gemstones by Becky Convey.
    41 Vinery Road
    CB1 3DN
    Tel: 07863 139022
    • Hatty Richmond
      (oil paintings: landscapes, waterscapes and portraits.)
    • Becky Convey
      (silver jewellery handcrafted using gold and semi-precious gemstones)
  • 91
    Helena Hadjioannou
    painting, digital work, fused glass, pendants
    Paintings, digital art, fused glass artworks inspired by the love of creating art that connects me with nature. Abstract and semi-abstract formations.
    Grantchester Village Hall
    Vicarage Drive
    CB3 9NG
    Tel: 07902 913711
  • 26
    Sara Rawlinson
    photography, historic, fine-art, botanic, travel
    Fine-art photos of historic buildings (libraries, King's Chapel, Cambridge colleges), botanicals, landscapes, travel, books. Exhibit & working studio.
    58 Beche Road
    CB5 8HU
    Tel: 07958 050229
  • 194
    Sheila Woodruff
    Working Studio
    painting in oils and acrylics
    My surroundings are my inspiration, whether I'm in the countryside, near water or in a city. Bright studio with access to garden. Plenty of parking.
    45 High Street
    CB23 7BG
    Tel: 07530 113509
  • 224
    Michael Hughes
    wood turning, quality local craftsman
    Wide variety of items turned from local hardwoods. Functional and decorative items.
    Little Oak
    66 Station Road
    CB24 5HG
    Tel: 01954 261773
  • 226
    Linda Duclaud-Williams
    Working Studio
    handbuilt ceramics
    My work is hand-built using various techniques. Therefore, in my studio, you will find a variety of unique items, each with their own individuality.
    16 Priest Lane
    CB24 5HZ
    Tel: 07752 188423
  • 96
    Richard Swift
    Large acrylic canvases
    Large acrylic canvases inspired by current scientific and technological exploration and the environmental movement.
    94 Gilbert Road
    CB4 3PD
    Tel: 07599 629770
  • 182
    Phyllis Dunseth
    mixed-media work, theme-based
    Garden studio with parking at bottom of road in village car park. Collages or 'travel notes' influenced by travels in Italy and France last autumn.
    15 Vicarage Close
    SG8 6DY
    Tel: 07591 495272
  • 199
    Ditty Dokter and Gina Arnold
    ditty: woven tapestry; gina: jewellery
    Both artists are inspired by nature – Gina in silver jewellery, current emphasis bees; and Ditty in woven tapestry of 'home' landscapes.
    Coton Village Hall
    56 High Street
    CB23 7PL
    Tel: 07828 106242
  • 39
    John Tordoff
    painting, collage, landscape
    My paintings are mostly urban landscapes, especially of Cambridge. I work mostly in mixed media, using collage and acrylic. More recently in oils.
    38 Norfolk Terrace
    CB1 2NG
    Tel: 01223 312188
  • 160
    Jackie Duckworth
    Working Studio
    printmaker and illustrator
    Linocuts and collagraphs inspired by history, legend, birds and beasts. Prints/cards for sale. Demos, refreshments, cottage garden. Plus mini-studio!
    14 Home End
    CB21 5BS
    Tel: 07934 671739
  • 65
    Sasha Garrett
    jewellery, recycled materials
    Colourful silver jewellery set with recycled materials and gemstones. Happy to discuss repairs, alterations and commissions. Free parking.
    4 Fanshawe Road
    CB1 3QY