July Open studios

Each year over 350 Cambridge Open Studios members open their doors to the public over four weekends in July. Studios are open between 11am and 6pm with each artist taking part for one, two, three or all four weekends. Entry is free. View the artists who took part in July 2019 below.

  • 159
    Richard Bray
    Working Studio
    Sculpture and Drawing
    Showing a range of sculpture in wood and drawings in pencil, pen and ink. Both areas are concerned with ambiguity of perception, viewpoint and scale.
    62 Angle End
    Great Wilbraham
    CB21 5JG
    Tel: 01223 880415
  • 192
    Mary Cullen and Cat Thompson
    Handmade Jewellery, Fine-art photography
    Two artists exhibiting together. Individually handcrafted silver and gold jewellery along with fine-art photography focusing on details and patterns.
    10 Prickwillow Road
    CB7 4QP
    Tel: 07305 035214
    • Mary Cullen
    • Cat Thompson
      (c-print photography, Fine Art Photography, Fine art print photography, photography)
  • 28
    Diana Kazemi
    Working Studio
    Functional wheel thrown ceramics
    The majority of my work is thrown on the wheel, using both porcelain and stoneware clay. I also make a small range of ceramic jewellery.
    The Old Dovecote
    5 Church Street
    CB4 1DT
    Tel: 07900 941925
  • 74
    Isabel Pearce
    oils and acrylics
    Exciting and colourful – abstract and traditional landscapes.
    34 Marshall Road
    CB1 7TY
    Tel: 07740 946013
  • 51
    Amanda Hall
    Working Studio
    Professional children’s illustrator
    ART OF ILLUSTRATION – my signed children’s books, giclée prints, cards and original illustrations. Also visit www.chrisbeetles.com for my originals.
    The Shadowhouse
    71 Cromwell Road
    CB1 3EB
    Tel: 01223 515137
  • 49
    Yasmeen Farooqui
    Working Studio
    Digital collages, paintings
    The past year of political chaos mirrors my personal life – the tensions, the arguments, the half-truths are all mixed up to produce some dark imagery.
    St Barnabas Press
    9 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 07885 619153
  • 174
    Paul Abbott
    Working Studio
    Colourful oil paintings and more
    Colourful and uplifting oil paintings from a palette knife. Local landscapes – also coastal, rural and floral. Studio next to the windmill.
    The Mill House
    11 Mill Hill
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0JZ
    Tel: 01638 741537
  • 30
    Jeremy Mulvey
    oil paintings, watercolours and drawings
    Still life, landscape and narrative paintings by an internationally exhibiting artist. My paintings focus on the beauty of the world around us.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07941 982281
  • 134
    John McGill
    Working Studio
    I'm fascinated with transformation. I use a variety of materials that aid their fusion with ideas, producing a new reality.
    The Berern
    Comberton Road
    CB23 2RY
    Tel: 01223 262024
  • 207
    Shona Mckay
    Working Studio
    2D & 3D Multimedia artist
    Oil, charcoal, pastel, pen and wash. Still life, interiors, landscapes, 3D cabinets with strong architectural influence. Postcards. Easy parking.
    Bellgables, 4 Church Lane
    CB6 3RQ
    Tel: 01353 740405
  • 190
    Andrew Jones
    Working Studio
    Sculpture moved by the wind
    My work will be on show in our garden for weekends 2, 3 & 4 during July’s Open Studios.
    13 Deacon's Lane
    CB7 4PS
    Tel: 01353 610406
  • 157
    Mel Fraser
    Working Studio
    Stunning contemporary stone sculpture
    Join Mel for refreshments at her idyllic garden studio outside Cambridge. Come and see her stunning new contemporary sculptures for house and garden.
    The Gatehouse, Herring's House
    Wilbraham Road
    CB21 5EU
    Tel: 07729 774145
  • 13
    Cheryl Warren
    Working Studio
    oil painter
    Landscape and still-life oil paintings in all sizes. Framed and unframed. Prints and cards. Easy parking in the yard. Refreshments and disabled access.
    25 Kidman's Yard
    Primrose Street
    CB4 3EH
    Tel: 07450 850019
  • 222
    Bella Tapp
    Working Studio
    fine-art printmaker
    Stylised figurative work, focussing on beauty and decorative patterns inspired by the natural world. Printing demos, cards and refreshments available.
    Halcyon House
    108 High Street
    PE19 6SD
    Tel: 07974 016964
  • 188
    Andree Bowmer and Keith Donovan
    Working Studio
    Watercolour and Glasswork
    ‘Glass and Water’ open studio in Waterside, Ely, combines the vibrant colours and contemporary styles of Keith’s watercolours and Andree’s glasswork.
    39A Waterside
    CB7 4AU
  • 115
    Rebecca Dawson
    Jewellery handmade in silver and gold, with gemstones. Inspired by nature, colour, architecture and the materials. Commissions and wedding rings.
    12 Over Road
    CB24 5EU
    Tel: 07773 123610
  • 127
    Clay in Caldecote
    Working Studio
    Ceramic artists
    Juliet Gorman, Martin George, Jennie Longbottom and Carol Page. A variety of techniques and styles. At 1 pm to 3 pm, see various firing techniques.
    103 Highfields Road
    Highfields Caldecote
    CB23 7NX
    Tel: 01954 210921
  • 191
    Marina Yedigaroff
    mixed media
    Intense, decorated paintings and painted furniture, bowls, boxes and fabrics. Joyful atmosphere. If it has a surface, I can paint it!
    20 Newnham Street
    CB7 4PE
    Tel: 01353 656916
  • 196
    Stuart Green
    Working Studio
    Brightly Coloured Semi-abstract Landscapes
    Paintings of and about a sense of place.
    Willows Studio
    60 Ely Road
    Queen Adelaide
    CB7 4TZ
    Tel: 01353 661508
  • 93
    North Cambridge Studios
    Working Studio
    Professional artists' studios
    Professional artists’ studios: Miranda Boulton, Belinda Brenner, Catherine Cleary, Rebecca Ilett, Anji Main, Jane Pryor and Prue van der Hoorn.
    North Cambridge Studios
    97 Cambridge Road
    CB24 6AT
  • 67
    Marion Smith
    Fused and Kiln-formed Glass
    A colourful and vibrant collection of fused glass inspired by nature and geometric patterns. On display will be glass art, glassware and jewellery.
    4 Rustat Road
    CB1 3QT
    Tel: 07971 665190
  • 87
    Laura Bonesi
    Felt paintings
    Wool paintings inspired by the natural world and co-ordinated with the interior of the house. Come and enjoy a visual and tactile experience!
    44 Gough Way
    CB3 9LN
    Tel: 07508 243679
  • 11
    Susan Mealing
    Working Studio
    Contemporary Printmaker/Painter
    Contemporary printmaker/painter. Abstracted work on paper, plaster, glass and textiles. Greeting cards and small prints available.
    Cambridge Artworks
    5 Green's Road
    CB4 3EF
    Tel: 07944 716564
  • 34
    Lorraine Brown
    Working Studio
    Mixed media painting and collage
    Mixed-media collages and abstract paintings inspired by landscape, nature and Cambridge.
    49 Beaufort Place
    Thompson’s Lane
    CB5 8AG
    Tel: 07884 040761
  • 30
    Sarah Dobson
    silver jewellery
    Playful figurative jewellery, inspired by reading and roaming. Traditional techniques conjuring fairy tales in silver, with an occasional sparkle.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07814 428726
  • 205
    Nadine Anderson
    Working Studio
    Willow and Rush Baskets
    Traditional and contemporary baskets in willow and locally harvested rush. Large new workshop at rear of the house – access by gravel drive.
    8 Main Street
    Wardy Hill
    CB6 2DF
    Tel: 01353 776030
  • 44
    Jonny Church
    Working Studio
    Semi-Abstract Landscape Paintings
    Palimpsest-like surfaces constructed through textures, built-up, marked and effaced, creating layered records of time.
    11 Upper Gwydir Street
    CB1 2LR
    Tel: 07771 312195
  • 186
    Chris Wood
    Light Artist
    My work is a continual exploration of light, and it never fails to surprise me! My home is full of optical wonders that I'm happy to share with you.
    12 Annesdale
    CB7 4BN
    Tel: 07871 180969
  • 177
    Annie Neild
    Working Studio
    Wet felting, hand embroidery
    Experimental wet felting with hand embroidery. I use sheep and alpaca fleeces, silk fibres, leather and fine Merino yarn in my work.
    36 Lower End
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0HT
    Tel: 07783 645573
  • 97
    Helen Humphreys
    Working Studio
    ceramics, pottery, sculpture
    Sculptural garden wall pots with faces. Green men. Impressed leaves and lettering on stoneware dishes, plates and tiles. Demonstrations, see website.
    18 Rosemary Road
    CB25 9NB
    Tel: 01223 862968
  • 16
    Stephanie Hemming
    Painting in oil and acrylic
    Atmospheric landscapes and paintings of precious things and interior spaces in oil and acrylic.
    26 Kimberley Road
    CB4 1HH
    Tel: 01223 357532
  • 150
    Catherine Tregaskes
    Working Studio
    Willow bike-baskets, shoppers and log-baskets, small garden sculptures. View work in my garden and covered outdoor workspace. Parking: use Mill Lane.
    5 Crampton Terrace
    CB22 3JD
    Tel: 01223 830272
  • 45
    Kato Catling
    Working Studio
    Poems with artfacts
    Poems and objects combined. Unusual and individual work.
    10 Gwydir Street
    CB1 2LP
    Tel: 01223 323798
  • 59
    Lucyna Mazur
    Folk-art-inspired textile pieces
    Textile pieces, including bags, cushions and wall hangings. Designs inspired by traditional Polish folk art and printed onto soft velvet and satin.
    174 Perne Road
    CB1 3NX
  • 49
    Maree Allitt
    Working Studio
    Handcrafted Contemporary Ceramics
    Beautiful handcrafted ceramics with a touch of midcentury style. They are bold, geometric and distinctive, with an immediate tactile quality.
    St Barnabas Press
    9 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
  • 92
    Rebecca-Anne and Denise Boldra
    silver, Swarovski crystals
    Contemporary silversmithing and jewellery. Flowing silversmithing designs and sparkling Swarovski crystals in semi-precious jewellery.
    No 2 The Old Museum, The Orchard
    47 Mill Way
    Grantchester, Cambridge
    CB3 9ND
    Tel: 07922 098314