July Open studios

Each year over 350 Cambridge Open Studios members open their doors to the public over four weekends in July. Studios are open between 11am and 6pm with each artist taking part for one, two, three or all four weekends. Entry is free. View the artists who took part in July 2019 below.

  • 30
    Indira McKenzie
    handmade unique jewellery
    I forge versatile jewellery to wear in different ways – classic or contemporary, simple or dramatic, with gold, silver, stones and organic materials.
    The Woodyard, 38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07442 181744
  • 220
    Carole Pollock
    Unique Fused Glass Art
    Unique colourful fused-glass artwork, glassware and jewellery hand-cut, ground and kiln-fired. NEW VENUE – parking and refreshments.
    The Lodge, Hemingford Grey House
    Church Street
    Hemingford Grey, Huntingdon
    PE28 9DF
    Tel: 01480 464817
  • 49
    Adrian Novac
    Working Studio
    Photography-inspired painting
    Figurative work, mostly portraits composed from photographs that explore ways of looking and interpreting the existing image.
    St Barnabas Press
    9 Belfast Yard, Coldhams Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 0771 1290191
  • 15
    Richard Heeps
    Working Studio
    Limited edition analogue photography
    Join me this year to see my latest photographic series – 'A Short History of Milan' – alongside my complete back-catalogue of works.
    2 Springfield Road
    CB4 1AD
    Tel: 07967 359699
  • 32
    Sara Rawlinson
    photography, historic, fine-art
    Fine-art photos of historic buildings, including King's Chapel and Cambridge College libraries. Also exhibiting photos of botanicals and landscapes.
    Cellarer's Chequer (13th century building)
    Beche Road
    CB5 8HT
    Tel: 07958 050229
  • 91
    Virginia Albutt
    Colourful oil landscapes, seascapes
    Colourful oil landscapes, Grantchester, beaches, Venice. Winner of Cambridge Open 2015, 2016, and Daniel Smith prize 2016. Prints and greeting cards.
    Grantchester Village Hall
    Vicarage Drive
    CB3 9NG
    Tel: 01223 362990
  • 2
    Ciara Twomey
    Working Studio
    Glass – kiln-formed and fused
    Unusual glass pieces, abstract design and vibrant colours – including bowls, wall art and sunsticks. View work in progress and finished work. Parking.
    5 Lawrence Close
    CB3 0RY
    Tel: 07522 775428
  • 146
    John Franklin
    Working Studio
    Handcrafted silver jewellery
    Silver and silver-gilt jewellery, set with gemstones. Topaz, peridot, rubellite, tourmaline... Inspired by Art Deco, plants and flowers.
    1 Coppice Avenue
    Great Shelford
    CB22 5AQ
    Tel: 07834 353641
  • 197
    Amy Fitzgerald
    Working Studio
    Contemporary oil painter
    Contemporary figurative oil paintings, exploring folktales, dreams and childhood. A three mile walk from Ely along the river bank.
    Clayway Farm Cottage
    Branch Bank, Queen Adelaide
    CB7 4UE
    Tel: 07899 903260
  • 38
    Awareness through the lens
    Four Buddhist photographers
    Vilokini Gail Abbott, Ian Collins, Jeremy Peters and Imogen Tennison. Theatre tours, talks at 3 pm, meditation tasters, refreshments. Limited parking.
    Cambridge Buddhist Centre
    38 Newmarket Road
    CB5 8DT
  • 10
    Kate Green
    Working Studio
    Colour-Happy Abstract Paintings
    I use paint to 'sing with colour'. From my BIG LIVE ART pieces to tiny vibrant studio sketches, there's something for everyone!
    65 Akeman Street
    CB4 3HG
    Tel: 07972 910510
  • 30
    Mark Evans
    Working Studio
    Stone Sculpture Bronze Commissions
    I work in stone, although 2018 also offered commissioned work with 3D print and bronze. Fascinated by pattern, light/shade, fragments and broken edges.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07725 161696
  • 184
    Anthony Day
    Working Studio
    painting, drawing
    Open two weekends this year, but access by phone always for a green welcome.
    12 Pond Green
    nr Ely
    CB7 5XX
    Tel: 01353 720159
  • 24
    Rosemary Cullum
    painter, mainly in oils
    Paintings – mostly abstract – in oil, some with mixed media. Exploring surfaces and materials that provoke a response.
    Old School House, 23 High Street
    Fen Ditton
    CB5 8ST
    Tel: 07930 932064
  • 1
    Elena Arevalo Melville
    Working Studio
    Experimental multimedia storyteller
    Books, maps, prints and paintings by published professional. Opening evening at Storey's Field Centre on Thursday 4th of July, 6.30-8.30 pm. All welcome!
    14 Pepys Way, Girton
    CB3 0PA
  • 55
    Naomi Davies
    Working Studio
    pen and watercolour, urban sketcher
    Quirky, observational ink drawings with vibrant watercolour, often featuring Cambridge, its cafes and bicycles. Urban sketcher. Parking.
    151 Hobart Road
    CB1 3PS
    Tel: 01223 711055
  • 172
    Prior Arts Group
    textiles, paintings, Ceramics and Print
    The Prior Arts Group are holding their first pop-up gallery – painting, ceramics, textile and print art. Delicious refreshments available all day!
    Swaffham Prior Village Hall
    High Street
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0JX
    Tel: 07778 666187
  • 113
    illustration, Drawing and Painting
    Shane Swann, Hannah McGonigle and Sarah McGonigle – exhibiting illustration, fine-line drawings, mixed-media and botanical watercolour paintings.
    5 Oakington Business Park
    Dry Drayton Road, Oakington
    CB24 3DQ
    Tel: 07540 402153
  • 94
    Cheryl Bird & Linda Bartlett
    Working Studio
    Organic silver jewellery & prints
    Jewellery and prints inspired by organic forms, the beauty of the natural world with its miraculous patterns, flow and colour, a gift to the spirits.
    The Garden Studio
    6 Cambridge Road, Milton
    CB24 6AW
    Tel: 07766 407162
  • 14
    Richard Swift
    Working Studio
    Large abstract canvases
    Large acrylic canvases inspired by current scientific and technological exploration – a meditative response to ethical and ecological dilemmas.
    94 Gilbert Road
    CB4 3PD
    Tel: 07599 629770
  • 30
    Isolde Nicholson
    Mixed-media prints and collage
    One-off multimedia, vibrant and colourful prints/collages on canvases and wood panels with an acrylic finish.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars lane
    Tel: 07989407538
  • 122
    Penny Halasovski
    Working Studio
    Silver and enamelled jewellery
    Silver jewellery, much of which is enamelled, often inspired by nature. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes reflective, but always beautiful.
    124 Boxworth End
    CB24 4RA
    Tel: 01954 232634
  • 18
    Cathy Parker
    Working Studio
    Painting in various media
    Trees and landscapes, painted outdoors in response to the subject or semi-abstracted in my studio. Sketchbooks to look at. Interesting garden.
    17 Belvoir Road
    CB4 1JH
    Tel: 01223 354474
  • 154
    Carol Whitehouse
    Working Studio
    Vibrant Watercolours
    Inspiration is taken from my love of flowers. I like to interpret their shape and colour in a loose and vibrant watercolour style. Cards available.
    33 Hinton Road
    CB21 5DZ
    Tel: 01223 880764
  • 91
    Andrew Strickland
    Contemporary furniture designer/maker
    Elegant contemporary furniture, designed and made to commission. Combining function and beauty – in sustainable hardwoods and veneer.
    Grantchester Village Hall
    Vicarage Drive
    CB3 9NG
    Tel: 07932 736989
  • 81
    Chun-Chao Chiu
    Working Studio
    chinese brush painting, prints and wateroclours
    Chinese brush-and-ink paintings, prints and watercolours inspired by the living surroundings.
    1 Rayleigh Close
    CB2 8AZ
    Tel: 01223 304095
  • 39
    Robin Stemp
    Working Studio
    Thinking as a painter, I photograph subjects in natural light, with a focus on stillness and silence. Still life, interiors, buildings. Meter parking.
    39 Norwich Street
    CB2 1ND
  • 11
    Sue Law
    Working Studio
    sculpture, oil paintings
    My sculptures – in bronze, plaster or resin – are mostly figurative and often feature negative space. I also make highly textured oil paintings.
    Cambridge Artworks
    5 Green's Road
    CB4 3EF
    Tel: 07775 776105
  • 30
    Peter Harrison
    Working Studio
    Furniture designer and maker
    I design and make beautiful furniture, using temperate hardwoods. I like to use the woodgrain as a part of the design. Also small treen. Good parking.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07718 287843
  • 69
    Linda Towning
    Abstract Sculpture in Alabaster and Soapstone
    Sculpture in alabaster and soapstone. The shapes within, the play of light...
    170 Cherry Hinton Road
    CB1 7AN
    Tel: 07867 508985
  • 181
    Karen Larwood
    Bold, vibrant, textured paintings
    I produce vibrant, powerful oil paintings that are continually inspired by the colour, pattern and texture of our natural environment.
    39 Fordham Road
    CB7 5AH
    Tel: 01353 624903
  • 85
    Bettina Starke
    Designer jewellery
    Strong, simple forms. Functional details incorporated into the design. Materials – high-grade gold, stones, silver and wood. Exhibiting w/ends 2 and 3
    The Chapel, The Margaret Beaufort Institute
    12 Grange Road
    CB3 9DU
    Tel: 07969 547103
  • 139
    Phyllis Dunseth
    mixed-media work, theme based
    I shall be adopting a theme and working it through different media. I shall choose this theme after Easter. The theme will challenge me and also be fun!
    15 Vicarage Close
    SG8 6DY
    Tel: 075914 95272
  • 86
    MJE Hey
    Working Studio
    Abstract paintings
    Improvisations in colour. An exhibition of large, brightly coloured semi-abstract paintings and mixed-media studies. Parking available.
    104 Barton Road
    CB3 9LH
    Tel: 07920 422749
  • 155
    Fenella Francis
    Fun and elegant silver jewellery
    Organic irregular shapes add elegance and a sense of fun to my original silver jewellery. I like to add playful textures and small coloured gemstones.
    1 High Street
    CB21 5DH
    Tel: 07465 807607
  • 26
    Iain Smith
    Working Studio
    Handmade fused glass
    I make fused-glass objects exploring the interplay between light, colour and shape.
    11 Lynfield Lane
    CB4 1DR
    Tel: 07932 688734