July Open studios

It is with great regret that we have had to cancel the 2020 July Open Studios due to the coronavirus pandemic. We look forward to opening our studios once again in 2021. You can still find details of our 528 members, and view samples of their work, on our Artist pages. Please contact artists direct if you would like to find out more.

  • 66
    Marion Smith
    fused and kiln-formed glass
    A colourful and vibrant collection of fused glass inspired by nature and geometric patterns. On display will be glass art, glassware and jewellery.
    4 Rustat Road
    CB1 3QT
    Tel: 07971 665190
  • 23
    Daniel Humphreys
    Working Studio
    Bespoke Furnituremaker
    I'm a ‘maker of bespoke furniture’ – with a studio – exhibiting alongside other artists in central Cambridge.
    The Wood Yard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07713 175689
  • 29
    Roxana de Rond
    Working Studio
    Illustration in ink and gouache
    Illustrating the familiar and everyday, making them more than ordinary. Often humorous and set in Cambridge. Watercolours, 3D images, prints, cards.
    13 Brunswick Terrace
    CB5 8DG
    Tel: 01223 729402
  • 134
    Anthony Day
    Working Studio
    painting, drawing
    Open two weekends this year, but access by phone always for a green welcome.
    12 Pond Green
    CB7 5XX
    Tel: 01353 720159
  • 253
    Stewart and Kathryn Hearn
    handblown glass and porcelain pots
    Exquisite hand-blown glass and intriguing hand-built porcelain vessels as decoration, function and sculpture exhibited in studios, garden and home.
    112a High Street
    (barn via side gate of 112)
    PE16 6NN
    Tel: 01354 278084
  • 23
    Mark Evans
    Working Studio
    Professional full-time sculptor/letter carver in stone. Geometry and pattern, light and shadow, form and formality in search of imagined histories.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
    Tel: 07725 161696
  • 113
    James and Clare Montgomery
    Working Studio
    Landscape and abstract paintings
    Clare creates cards using acrylics and dried flowers from our garden. I paint landscape and townscapes in oils and acrylics about places we've lived.
    1 Station Cottage
    Lynn Road
    Chettisham, Ely
    CB6 1RX
    Tel: 07773 771724
  • 143
    Jeremy Nicholls
    decorative woodwork
    Jewellery boxes, mirrors and small tables in hardwoods, with original decorative paintings on metal leaf. Some separate paintings on panels.
    The Old Courthouse
    123 High Street
    CB25 9BA
    Tel: 01799 599834
  • 138
    Annie Neild
    Working Studio
    Wet felting with hand embroidery
    APOLOGIES - STUDIO CANCELLED - Experimental wet felting, embroidered by hand. Three-dimensional organic forms.
    36 Lower End
    Swaffham Prior
    CB25 0HT
    Tel: 07783 645573
  • 160
    Allison Henderson
    painting, drawing and printmaking
    Paintings and prints delighting in colour and line, inspired by the natural world and observational drawing. Practical demos throughout the day.
    14 Home End
    CB21 5BS
    Tel: 07743 709476
  • 232
    Christopher O'Connor
    oils and other mediums
    I would be very pleased to welcome you to Willow Cottage in Boxworth to take a look at recent works. Still learning and exploring!
    Willow Cottage
    School Lane
    CB23 4ND
    Tel: 07796 691311
  • 28
    Imogen Tennison
    East Asian-inspired brush painting
    A meditative exploration of landscapes, figures and animals, inspired by my Buddhist practice and a lifelong interest in Japanese art. Talks at 3 pm.
    Cambridge Buddhist Centre
    38 Newmarket Road
    CB5 8DT
  • 204
    Roderick O'Reilly
    Working Studio
    abstract watercolour images
    This year, I'm experimenting with different ways of applying watercolours to produce abstract images.
    24 Station Road
    CB24 9LQ
    Tel: 07505 002791
  • 226
    Linda Duclaud-Williams
    Working Studio
    handbuilt ceramics
    My work is hand-built using various techniques. Therefore, in my studio, you will find a variety of unique items, each with their own individuality.
    16 Priest Lane
    CB24 5HZ
    Tel: 07752 188423
  • 124
    Mack Mathod
    absurdism, dadaism, silliesm
    I am an absurdist artist using silly ideas and images in found photography, text, poetry and anything else that feeds my strange sense of humour
    12 Annesdale
    CB7 4BN
    Tel: 07934 476185
  • 91
    Helena Hadjioannou
    painting, digital work, fused glass, pendants
    Paintings, digital art, fused glass artworks inspired by the love of creating art that connects me with nature. Abstract and semi-abstract formations.
    Grantchester Village Hall
    Vicarage Drive
    CB3 9NG
    Tel: 07902 913711
  • 103
    Alice Thomson
    Working Studio
    expressive portrayals of local scenes
    Expressive loose quality through sensitive use of line, colour and collage to depict a time and place, often Cambridge. I speak of the joy of places.
    4 Bandon Road
    CB3 0LU
    Tel: 01223 529937
  • 157
    Yoli Nobel and Fenella Francis
    adventures in art and jewellery
    Jewellery & art of complementary styles, including elegant hand-worked silver, plus beading incorporating ethnic symbols & a selection of paintings.
    'Twelve', 15 High Street
    CB21 5DM
    Tel: 07880 928695
    • Yoli Nobel
      (jewellery, beading and paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolour and mixed media.)
    • Fenella Francis
      (elegant and fun silver jewellery and some handmade prints.)
  • 18
    Charlotte Cornish
    Working Studio
    painting, printmaking
    Colourful, vibrant paintings, prints and works on paper. Studio located in the garden of 'The Moorings', at the end of Thrifts Walk.
    The Studio, The Moorings
    Thrifts Walk
    CB4 1NR
    Tel: 07798 816650
  • 136
    Di Cope
    Working Studio
    oil paintings, local landscapes
    Traditional oil paintings on canvas, mostly local landscapes – fenland fields and waterways. Seeking to portray the peace of rural life.
    95 North Street (Studio above garage- please use stairs)
    CB25 0BB
    Tel: 01638 601342
  • 27
    Alison Davies
    Working Studio
    oil painting, collage and sculpture
    My paintings, mainly abstract, reflect my interest in shape, colour and over-painting. My sculptures are in stone, some featuring bronze decoration.
    27 Priory Road
    CB5 8HT
    Tel: 07538 769737
  • 125
    Claire McGinley
    Working Studio
    Pastel landscapes and stoneware pots
    Landscapes painted outside. Stoneware pots. Cards. Tea towels. Try clay! Ignore SatNav. Turn right into Cowslip Drive, then immediate left onto lane.
    Field House
    Watsons Lane
    Little Thetford, Ely
    CB6 3HE
    Tel: 01353 648794
  • 19
    Emma Will
    Working Studio
    ceramic artist
    Coastal-inspired ceramics – using clay, driftwood, sea glass & muted glazes. Creating sculptures, vessels & jewellery. Beach-hut studio in the garden.
    16 Dalton Square
    CB4 1QJ
  • 219
    Summer at the Beach 2020
    painting, sculpture, printmaking, millinery, ceramics
    Group exhibition with a wide range of original work by local artists, in the evocative surroundings of Waterbeach's decommissioned army barracks.
    Waterbeach Barracks
    (off Denny End Road)
    CB25 9PA
    Tel: 01223 861796
  • 148
    Elizabeth Schwier
    Working Studio
    hand-thrown ceramics
    Domestic ware in high-fired terracotta, whose glaze accentuates their vibrancy and individuality. Also exploration of form in decorative pieces.
    Millfield Cottage
    Finchingfield Road, Little Sampford
    Saffron Walden
    Tel: 01799 586257
  • 161
    Euclase Artists
    painting, drawing and printmaking.
    Euclase Artists comprise: Jenny Ioakim – working with oil paints and mixed media, plus Sally Newton – exhibiting work inspired by the natural world.
    White Horse Road
    CB9 7NL
    Tel: 07984 920013
  • 182
    Phyllis Dunseth
    mixed-media work, theme-based
    Garden studio with parking at bottom of road in village car park. Collages or 'travel notes' influenced by travels in Italy and France last autumn.
    15 Vicarage Close
    SG8 6DY
    Tel: 07591 495272
  • 199
    Marilyn Treacy
    contemporary silver/gold jewellery
    Contemporary jewellery, made using traditional methods. Predominately silver, with traces of gold, and precious and semi-precious stones.
    Coton Village Hall
    56 High Street
    CB23 7PL
    Tel: 07808 584622
  • 76
    Denise Schoenberg
    watercolour artist and art tutor
    Nature- & texture-inspired vibrant watercolour paintings of flowers, landscapes & rusty discarded objects. Paintings, prints, mugs, cards. Free parking!
    St John's Church Center
    Hills Road
    CB2 8RN
    Tel: 07549 402661
  • 41
    Nathan Huxtable
    Working Studio
    The space between landscape/abstraction.
    Paintings – usually acrylic – often inspired by fleeting glimpses, remembered or photographed. Filmic & intimate – layered to reveal moments & places.
    8 Gwydir Street
    CB1 2LL
    Tel: 074684 16276
  • 20
    Joy Voisey
    Working Studio
    a wide variety of ceramics
    My workshop is in my garden. Using different clays, and a variety of methods of making and firing, there is much to see! Free roadside parking.
    7 Fen Road
    CB4 1BS
    Tel: 01223 426171
  • 210
    Angie Wocha
    Working Studio
    fused and kiln-formed glass
    Contemporary fused glass – both practical and decorative. Landscape and vibrant abstracts, with a focus on the sea and coastline of Norfolk.
    66 Mill Lane
    CB24 9HS
    Tel: 01223 237655
  • 89
    Elspeth Owen
    Working Studio
    installations inside and out
    Clay, fabric, wood, dust in the old cricket pavilion. Rough ground – check for access! Through July in ‘Breaking Point’ at the University Zoology Museum.
    The Pavilion
    The Broadway
    CB3 9NQ
    Tel: 01223 841297
  • 10
    Susan Cupitt
    Working Studio
    hand-thrown ceramics
    Stoneware and porcelain, thrown on the wheel. Some experimental forms. Also domestic ware, such as mugs, jugs, teapots and bowls.
    62 Humberstone Road
    CB4 1JF
    Tel: 01223 311937
  • 153
    Helen Clarke
    Working Studio
    watercolours and inks
    Fresh uplifting watercolours and inks inspired by the beauty of nature, flowers, landscape and still life. Beautiful wild-flower meadow.
    Summer House Studio
    1 High Street
    Great Wilbraham
    CB21 5JD
    Tel: 01223 882882
  • 71
    Jane Evans
    Working Studio
    chinese brush painting
    Striking, original still life, landscape, bird, animal and flower paintings, combining Chinese brush techniques with Western influences.
    35 Cavendish Avenue
    CB1 7UR
    Tel: 01223 249394