July Open studios

Each year nearly 400 Cambridge Open Studios members open their doors to the public over four weekends in July. Studios are open between 11am and 6pm with each artist taking part for one, two, three or all four weekends. Entry is free. The 2020 Open Studios will take place on July 4/5, 11/12, 18/19 and 25/26. Blue numbers refer to the studio numbers used in the printed guide.

  • 226
    Linda Duclaud-Williams
    Working Studio
    handbuilt ceramics
    My work is hand-built using various techniques. Therefore, in my studio, you will find a variety of unique items, each with their own individuality.
    16 Priest Lane
    CB24 5HZ
    Tel: 07752 188423
  • 152
    Donna Goymer & Lou Haywood
    mixed media textile artwork
    Responses to the natural world in mixed-media textiles, embroidery & quilting. Group Show: w/e 2 @ Hadstock Village Hall; w/e 3 @ Linton Village Hall.
    Hadstock Village Hall (parking available)
    Church Path
    CB21 4PH
    Tel: 07738 674275
  • 199
    Chihiro Kinjo and Kate Aldridge
    acrylic paintings and ceramics
    Mix-media paintings by Chihiro Kinjo and ceramics by Kate Aldridge.
    Coton Village Hall
    56 High Street
    CB23 7PL
    Tel: 07533306856
  • 100
    Rosy Gounaris
    Working Studio
    individual jewellery pieces
    Unique designs in precious metals and colourful stones.
    34 Storey's Way
    CB3 0DT
    Tel: 07597 880757
  • 128
    Sarah Dodkin Rush
    Working Studio
    sculpture, paintings & prints
    Inspired by current thinking of reuse, recycle & reinvent, my artworks take leftover wood and paint to create layered work that I then distress.
    1 Cyprian Rust Way
    CB7 5ZE
    Tel: 07984 230435
  • 7
    Malcolm Forbes
    Fenland landscape paintings
    Evocative fenland landscape paintings with a focus on the meeting-point of land and sky, accentuating the vastness of the fens.
    12 George Street
    CB4 1AJ
    Tel: 07803 955635
  • 171
    Art in Close
    Working Studio
    three painters inspired by nature
    Janet Hathiramani, Vandy Massey and Lesley Rumble. Taking inspiration from plants, land and sea, people, places and animals. Garden studio. Parking.
    19 Church Close
    CB22 4NY
    Tel: 07771 653960
  • 4
    Jo Tunmer
    Working Studio
    oil painting, printmaking and installation
    Contemporary oil painting, ‘Solarplate’ printmaking and installation art created in response to my surrounding urban and rural landscapes.
    59 Highworth Avenue
    CB4 2BQ
    Tel: 07765 563908
  • 53
    James Hill
    Working Studio
    Abstract and figurative work
    Work of abstract concepts and figurative compositions, using symbols and motifs that teeter between different aspects, exploring the middle and centre.
    St Barnabas Press
    9/10 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 01223 413792
  • 51
    Stefanie Loizou
    Working Studio
    books, mixed media, collage
    Well-loved stories are reinvented by embellishing, manipulating and transforming original books and illustrations into decorative pieces of art.
    184 Cromwell Road
    CB1 3EQ
    Tel: 07976 192218
  • 143
    Jeremy Nicholls
    decorative woodwork
    Jewellery boxes, mirrors and small tables in hardwoods, with original decorative paintings on metal leaf. Some separate paintings on panels.
    The Old Courthouse
    123 High Street
    CB25 9BA
    Tel: 01799 599834
  • 219
    Summer at the Beach 2020
    painting, sculpture, printmaking, millinery, ceramics
    Group exhibition with a wide range of original work by local artists, in the evocative surroundings of Waterbeach's decommissioned army barracks.
    Waterbeach Barracks
    (off Denny End Road)
    CB25 9PA
    Tel: 01223 861796
  • 35
    Robin Stemp
    Working Studio
    photography using natural light
    Still life, buildings, interiors in changing light. Same place, another time. Parking by meter.
    39 Norwich Street
    CB2 1ND
  • 62
    Katharina Klug
    Working Studio
    contemporary studio ceramic
    Vessels, wheel-thrown from porcelain clay – all about patterns, contrasts and shape.
    550 Coldhams Lane
    Cherry Hinton
    CB1 3JL
    Tel: 07765 245758
  • 53
    Ann Massing
    Working Studio
    East Asian Painting and Printmaking
    My interest in oriental art is reflected in my paintings in ink and watercolour and in my prints. Handmade cards.
    St Barnabas Press
    9/10 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 07766 221987
  • 76
    Allison Conlon
    oil paintings and drawings
    Paintings and drawings – both figurative and abstract. Combination of landscapes, flowers and still life. Various sizes, including miniatures.
    St Johns Church Centre
    Hills Road
    CB2 8RN
    Tel: 07711 718859
  • 193
    Emma Malfroy
    collage, painting and prints
    Collage, paintings and prints, using hand-painted papers, exploring pattern and colour. Images inspired by the natural world, places and stories.
    The Artists' Marquee, Burwash Manor
    New Road
    CB23 7EY
    Tel: 07934 385416
  • 240
    Anstey Garrick Green
    Working Studio
    vibrant collages and mixed media
    Collages and constructions vibrant with colour using a variety of materials such as paper, felt, encaustic and thread. Gifts, cards and refreshments.
    24 Victoria Terrace
    Hemingford Road
    Hemingford Grey
    PE27 5HD
    Tel: 01480 391096
  • 23
    Sudesh Prasad
    Working Studio
    painting drawing multimedia
    Selected abstract paintings and framed drawings from the recent series of work exploring pattern repetition.
    The Woodyard
    38 Cheddars Lane
    CB5 8LD
  • 183
    Gina Ferrari
    Working Studio
    painting, collage and stitch
    Paintings, collage and stitch, with a focus on colour and texture often inspired by nature. Plenty of new work, plus smaller items, for sale.
    17 Church Street
    Guilden Morden
    SG8 0JD
    Tel: 01763 852971
  • 82
    Alicia Zimnickas
    abstract landscape paintings and monoprints
    Nature and light are my inspiration. Paintings full of harmony, light and positive atmosphere. Large, contemporary pieces, with the feel-good factor!
    4 Winchmore Drive
    CB2 9LW
    Tel: 07963 175508
  • 235
    Chrissie Gutsell
    Working Studio
    painting and mixed media
    My practice is fluid. Currently, I am using psychogeography to explore layers, repetition and multiple images. My style is abstract/semi-abstract.
    26 Brook Street
    CB23 4HX
  • 81
    George Meliniotis & Lucy Winter
    chinese brush, oil & acrylic
    Variety and distinction. Chinese brush and light-fast artworks in coloured pencils by Lucy. Traditional and contemporary oils and acrylics by George.
    33 Newton Road
    CB2 8AL
    Tel: 01763 261154
  • 154
    Mel Fraser
    Working Studio
    stunning contemporary stone sculpture
    Join Mel for refreshments at her idyllic garden studio outside Cambridge. Come and see her stunning new contemporary sculptures for house and garden
    The Gatehouse, Herring's House, Wilbraham Road
    CB21 5EU
    Tel: 07729 774145
  • 53
    Leigh Watson
    Working Studio
    painter, life artist, photographer
    I have recently started a series of paintings of trees, primarily from myth and legend. The plan is also to use alternative media in the project.
    St Barnabas Press, 9/10 Belfast Yard
    Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 07810 411599
  • 76
    Louise Hilton
    acrylics, watercolours, inks, mixed media
    Loose contemporary original paintings in acrylics, watercolours and inks; giclée prints and greetings cards. Creatures, wildlife and nature. Parking.
    St John’s Church Centre
    Hills Road
    CB2 8RN
    Tel: 07760 352146
  • 53
    Maree Allitt
    Working Studio
    Porcelain Ceramics
    A variety of porcelain ceramics – from contemporary hanging decorations, to vases, bowls and dishes featuring a distinctive range of surface patterns.
    St Barnabas Press
    9/10 Belfast Yard, Coldham's Road
    CB1 3EW
  • 247
    Laurence Broderick
    Working Studio
    Sculpture in stone and bronze
    Best known for ‘The Bull’ in Birmingham, the bronze otter fountain at Addenbrooke’s and a cat sculpture for Downing College, Cambridge.
    The Black Barn Studio
    (behind The Forge), Eltisley Road
    SG19 3BS
    Tel: 01767 650444 / 652857
  • 202
    Andrea Malaskova
    illustration, life drawing, landscape, mixed media
    Life drawings, illustrations of travel & children plus various design projects via traditional techniques & digital media. Handmade soft toys & cards.
    3 Cambridge Road
    CB24 9NU
    Tel: 07796 357884
  • 238
    Paula Armstrong and Ruth Beech
    Working Studio
    ceramics, textiles and mixed media
    Paula's hand-built ceramics are inspired by the potential within seed pods. Ruth explores connections, memories and grief through a variety of media.
    5 Rookery Place
    PE28 9LZ
    Tel: 01480 700280
  • 101
    Eric Marland
    Working Studio
    lettering in stone, wood, glass
    Beautiful lettering for buildings, memorials or gifts. Carved quotes for the home or garden. Studio is a chapel surrounded by many interesting graves.
    The Chapel
    10 All Souls Lane
    CB3 0EA
    Tel: 07790 836153
  • 232
    Christopher O'Connor
    oils and other mediums
    I would be very pleased to welcome you to Willow Cottage in Boxworth to take a look at recent works. Still learning and exploring!
    Willow Cottage
    School Lane
    CB23 4ND
    Tel: 07796 691311
  • 127
    Mo Childs
    Working Studio
    watercolour, mixed media
    I am a watercolour artist. I use both traditional and experimental techniques. I also work in acrylics, soft pastel, mixed media and Suminigashi.
    The Old School House
    30 Townshend
    CB7 5DB
    Tel: 07900 858309
  • 244
    Willie Wilson
    oil painting
    I'm exhibiting my work from the past two years. The subjects include simple still lifes and scenes based on groups of figures and buildings.
    Grange Cottage
    The Green
    PE28 9NA
    Tel: 07900 228581
  • 251
    Richard Savage
    Working Studio
    Fine-art painting & illustration
    Working studio, fine-art painting, collaborative work, drawing, illustrations, arts publishing. A warm welcome and refreshments!
    Savage Studios (above the Honest John public house)
    24a– 26 South Park Street
    PE16 6AR
    Tel: 01354 696421
  • 1
    Michael Barton
    I paint oils on canvas
    I am a painter influenced by my late father. I paint in oils, I also sculpt in lead and copper.
    113 Lovell Road
    CB4 2QP
    Tel: 01223 426121