Constellation 18

Repeats every day until Mon Apr 19 2021. Also includes Sun Apr 18 2021.
1 Apr 2021 - 15:15
'Constellation18', An online exhibition.
5 Green's Road
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Constellation 18
A group exhibition, made in isolation
1st – 18th April 2021
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A constellation is a group of stars that seem to create a particular
shape in the sky. In fact the stars are not connected to each other at
all. Some may be close to each while others are very far away. It’s only
when an observer uses imagination that a shape’s revealed and the con-
stellation transforms into an image.
Constellation 18 is an exhibition that originates in this same play be-
tween perception and happenstance. While the world has necessarily been
held apart for the past year to slow the spread of COVID the 18 artists
based at Artworks studio have likewise been isolated from one another
while the studio has largely remained closed. The idea of a studio block
and the collectivity it usually enables has for this quarantine time,
simply been an idea – an ideal of a collective working environment.
Physical isolation is one thing but here at Artworks we also wondered
whether art and art-making can enable collectivity and overcome the con-
straints of social isolation. This was the premise behind the making of
a new online exhibition – Constellation 18. Via work that specifical-
ly responds to this unprecedented time Constellation 18 reveals how the
imagination always works to make sense of times of constraint and uncer-
18 artists.
18 new works.
18 days.
Please join us for Constellation 18 – an online exhibition with works
Jan Ayton, Kelly Briggs, Anna Brownsted, Susie Johnson, Sue Law,
Alison Litherland, Clio Lloyd-Jacob, David Massey, Lizzy McCaughan,
Susan Mealing, Idit Elia Nathan, Jill Ogilvy, Sara Paynter, Anneleen
Stam, Sally Connie Todd, Pippa Westoby, Sarah Wood, Rachel Wooller.
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Sue Law