Sukie Meldon
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A mixture of traditional darkroom techniques, modern digital photography, and digitally manipulated photographs.

Craft fairs

These are photos of mainly fused glass, as arranged at craft fairs

The making of a commissioned piece

I was commisioned to make a mobile with pieces of glass with inspirational Kanji sayings.

Each piece of glass was a sandwich of recycled glass. Inside the sandwhich was a Kanji symbol painted in Cobalt Oxide, and coloured with frit.

The pictures below shows how this was made.


For 2015
Change in direction
For 2015

fused glass, mixed media, photography, enamelled copper
Anything inspired by nature. Fused glass, Lampwork glass drops, metal work. Sculpture. Photography, traditional and digitally altered.
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This January,(2015) I looked into the mirror and saw that I was OLD. I thought to myself, why am I still making things to sell, to please other people. At my age I should only be making things I absolutely adore. I have my pension, and I can get by with that. If people want to buy my stuff, great, but if not I'm not bothered.  I have my pension, and I can get by with that.

Before my retirement, I worked as a computer programmer, This involved working to dead lines which is stressful. Then I had a regular stall in a craft market selling fused glass items. This was also stressful as I had to anticipate what would sell. Every time I made anything really wonderful, it took too long to sell cheaply, and no one would buy it. So then I had anticipate what would sell, and at what price. This again was stressful

I have a butterfly mind, and like to make things that please me in any medium I can. I have qualifications in photography,(old fashioned dark room stuff as well digital) and fine art. I have studied sculpture for many years. More recently I have been working particularly fused glass. I have done more than my fair share of plumbing, plastering, painting and decorating, and painted many murals in houses where I have lived. Creating things stops the endless flow of thoughts, and worries. It puts me into a trance like state and makes me happy.