Randella Handley
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Randella Handley

July Open Studios

ceramics and textiles
I make simple forms and enjoy exploring and developing exciting relationships between colour, texture and movement within what is a static body.
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Clay was a medium that appealed to me when at an early age I created a memorable four sided shaped form. However my eventual career path was with other design disciplines for many years.

A chance summer workshop I attended gave me the opportunity to once again work with clay. And as they say ' I had caught the bug!'.

Initially I hand built, but in recent years have discovered the art of working at the wheel. I enjoy the challenge of creating a form out of a ball of clay, the refining of that piece and the subsequent glazing and firing of it.  It is always a surprise, good or bad, that comes out of the kiln.

Texture, through mark making and the layering of slips and glazes and their resultant colours and finishes are of interest to me.

At present I am taking traditional and familiar forms and giving them not only an altered form but also experimenting with more unconventional finishes.