Miranda Boulton
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Night Flowers - 2016

The image of a flower can be delicate, sensual and poignant but flip this around and they are alarming, they make us aware of the fragility of life and its transience.  Whenever a flowers peak of fullness is reached, withering comes next. It is this unsettling side to the imagery, which fascinates and haunts these paintings. 

Images of distant arrangements, fleeting and mostly amateur are deliberately sourced through the Internet late at night. Committed to memory in the no man’s land between being awake and asleep. The titles of the paintings reference the time when they were first viewed.

This semi conscious sketchbook becomes paintings charged with atmosphere.  What was floral suggests figuration whilst not describing specific forms.  As Boulton works through her active and additive process of constructing a painting traces of disembodied imagery come to the surface like bodies in a swamp, dissolving the ephemeral static forms with visceral and expressive lines. Often bold synthetic colours are used, which hint at a subconscious nocturnal world of night flowers

July Open Studios

Distinctive combination of drawing, mark-making and painting, focusing on the Nature Morte Still life tradition.
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Boulton’s paintings are memento mori, painted from memory and imbued with moods and emotions from her own existence and from the transient passing of others. These paintings are ghostly and ephemeral they remind us of the passage of time.  Images of distant arrangements often sourced through the Internet late at night and committed to memory in the no man’s land between being awake and asleep. The following day she recalls these bouquets and paints them wilting and often overlaid on older paintings creating an archaeology.