Adrian Parfitt
furniture designer/maker
My prime motivation is the desire to create something that is truly worthwhile, that combines original design fine craftsmanship and the finest wood
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My prime motivation is to create something that is truly worthwhile, that combines original design, fine craftsmanship and the finest hardwoods.

   I use mainly English hardwoods, Oak, Ash, Sycamore, Elm and Walnut, with the rarer forms,ripples and burrs when available. Most of these woods come from small scale sawmills where the people who work there know my needs. Most of these trees come from back gardens or parks, where they have outgrown their space or are in danger of falling over.

Design inspirations

  The arts and crafts movement is a great inspiration to me, with its honouring of materials, traditional jointing methods and natural finishes. Although I prefer, curves lots of curves, and this I do by laminating. This allows me to create shapes which would not be possible in solid wood alone.


    Along with the more contempory techinque of laminating, which is done by cutting a large piece of hardwood into strips (laminates) and then gluing them together, I use traditional cabinet making techinques, dovetails, mortise & tenon and halving joints thoughout my pieces. These have surved craftsmen well for hundreds of years and I want to carry on that tradition.


  My favourite finish is oiling, this is a totally natural finish and will only work on solid wood as it penetrates deep into the surface giving a glorious low lustre finish, that not only feeds the wood but also brings out the colours and natural markings in the wood.