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Generally my portraits are based on celebrities.

The people are painted in black and white, with a bolder, more colourful background.

After all behind their exterior there are a lot more colourful things we can't see.

Other Paintings

A collection of other subjects, from buildings to the birth of poetry.

July Open Studios

painting, spray paint, acrylic, stencil, pop art, graffiti, street art
Pop artist, working with acrylic spray paint through hand-cut stencils. Paintings on paper, canvas and other surfaces.

My work is built up by spray painting through many layers of hand cut stencils, each layer being a different colour. I keep the images bold, whether they are monochrome, colourful or a mixture of both. I work in several sizes, from A4 upwards - recently I've really enjoyed working on larger surfaces.

I mainly focus on human portraits, simplified to blocks of colour. The figures are in black and white, generally with bold backgrounds.