David Graham
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Winter in Iceland

A series of colour drawings in pastel and coloured pencil on paper. The series is inspired by the multitude of colours seen in the cold cold land of ise and ice.

drawing and printmaking
From small intense intimate landscapes to large bold physical forms.
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David Graham is a drawer and printmaker whose approach comes directly from observational drawing. He is fascinated by the process of mark-making, expressing the chaotic patterns in the physical world around us and how these portray an intimate landscape. 

He takes details or places that make him stop and look, recording that moment through drawing and translating to print, removing or changing its context, to either heighten or change its impact. He creates small moments or scenes which are touching in their otherworldliness.

Scale is an important aspect in David’s work from the re-contextualising of small scenes to the portrayal of the very large. David’s latest works investigate the surface of Mars through the concept of terraforming.