Jolanda Aldis-Clarke
Mosaics, glass, ceramics, marble
I am a local mosaic artist just starting out on the road to discovering all the wonderful things you can do with tiles.
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I have only just started discovering the fun and possibilities of mosaic art. What started as one coaster, just for fun, has developed via trays and pots into sizable tables and I am still exploring other surfaces. I work mainly with little glass tiles, but am discovering the interaction between glass and other materials, such as marble and ceramics. The medium I am trying out at the moment is micro ceramic tiles. They are a lot more fiddly to use, but open a whole new set of possibilities.

Please be sure to visit my former tutor, 's mosaics studio as well, especially if you are interested in tuition.

If you are in the Cambourne area, please don't miss 's friendly painting studio.