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Andrew’s photography draws on the emotions of his experiences, or those of his subjects. His subject range is wide, including portraits, street photography, land and seascapes, architecture, abstracts. “Perhaps the reason it’s broad” he says “is because life is broad, I’m insatiably curious and easily distracted.” Many of his photographs possess an added depth, an immersive quality. “You know what it’s like” he explains “when you come across a box you can either accept it at face value - a box - or you can take the lid off and go digging deeper to discover more to see what it will yield.” 

Andrew believes that in the current climate in which we’re overwhelmingly saturated by imagery (much of it good; much of it well-‘liked’), photography has, in general, become devalued. However, this has given the artist/photographer a new opportunity to re-engage at a deeper, meaningful level. “I used to subscribe to, and aim towards, the idea of ’images that speak’ [for themselves]. To some extent that is true, but it is a bit like thinking you know a person, because you met them once. My belief is to KNOW THE ART: KNOW THE ARTIST. Ultimately, in my opinion, this leads to a better understanding, experience and enjoyment of the art form, more credibly so if at some point the artist’s intention, or perception, aligns with the photograph you are looking at…in other words, if the photographer has drawn you to them, to their position, their outlook.” In some of his pieces Andrew has gone a step further by physically including an element of the subject within a work, or applying enhancements using other media.

When Andrew LRPS is not pursuing his ‘art’, he is working as a professional commercial and wedding photographer. This is where, to coin his phrase, PASSION meets PURPOSE.

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’Viet Nam in my Heart’ 2013 at An Binh Gallery, Saigon (HCMC). A solo six-week exhibition of my ‘diary’ photographs from a trip to Viet Nam in December 2011.

‘Saigon Link’ 2012 at An Binh Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City. A joint exhibition with two Vietnamese photographers depicting and comparing old and new Saigon.



Viet Nam in my Heart - Diary Photos from a Long-Awaited Trip

A three-volume collection of photographs and introductory text.

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