Cambridge Art Workshops
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Sally Whitehead

 My paintings are inspired by the college buildings and architecture in and around Cambridge. I use shape, line and texture to evoke an emotional connection and sense of place. My aim is to use a combination of brushstrokes and colour to abstract and simplify visual interpretations of the rich and historic buildings which surround my daily life here in Cambridge. 

Sally Cassels

Sally is attracted by colour and light, observed in both large and small contexts, outdoors and in. She loves the richness of oil paints and their versatility.

Sally also finds the skill and enthusiasm of her fellow artists at Tom's painting workshops inspiring.

Fiona Rice

Attending art classes is, for me, more about the process of learning, than the 'finished' paintings. Recently I have been concentrating on Still Life in the hope that the discipline of looking carefully at, and trying to record accurately, what's in front of me will feed into my other work - which so far includes land and seascapes and studies of people. I would welcome any feedback -

Esther Yasmin Groeneveld

Throughout creating this series of oil paintings my intention has been to build upon my technique through experimentation and refinement. I have chosen a wide array of subjects, painting either from photographs that I have taken myself or that I have borrowed from others. What these paintings all have in common is a use of bold colours and strong contrasts.

Gaynor Fryers

I have recently started painting in oils after originally studying biology followed by a full time career. My children are grown up and I now have the time to try and capture some of the wonderful aspects of nature that catch my attention . I am particularly interested in the shapes and colours of the animals and birds that I see around me.

Sheila Woodruff

I took an A-level in Fine Art as a mature student at CRC when I was working as a solicitor, and a few years later started these oil painting classes. I have found renewed energy post-retirement to develop techniques and experiment with oils, sometimes now combining them with other media. I am interested in atmosphere and texture.


Penny Peoples

I like experimenting with oils to capture not only the colours and light but also the feelings evoked by the places I have visited: the dramatic landscapes of the Fens, London’s vibrant Portobello Market, the cool and calm of a Norwegian beach and the hot intensity of an Adriatic island.

Sue Lawley

I'm interested in water and reflection, in light and dark and in misty and mysterious landscape. Now I see these elements wherever I go and like to paint pictures which I hope communicate what I am observing.

Penny Mullock

Painting and drawing have been absorbing and therapeutic interests for as long as I can remember. In recent years, I have discovered oil painting through the Cambridge Art Workshops, and have learned to appreciate the rich texture and colour of oil paint. I enjoy painting scenes and objects that are of personal significance, aiming to capture moments of calm, joy or reflection.

Deirdre de Massini

Deirdre de Massini  lives in Newmarket. She paints with a range of media, however recently has been concentrating on oils. She enjoys painting animals, in particular horses and recently she is painting more abstract art, stimulated by Haiku poetry.

Penny Frith

I have a background in Graphic Design and Filmmaking. I have recently become interested in oil painting; my primary focus now is to capture the light and openness of empty landscapes.

Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas

Rikki works in a range of media. Her paintings tend to feature isolated figures deep in concentration and contemporary settings with a sense of absence. She is interested, above all, in capturing atmosphere and mood through composition and colour. The paintings here follow a period of reflection on C20th expressionism and work by painters such as Edward Hopper and Ben McLaughlin.

Cambridge Art Workshops: 20 artists exhibiting their oil paintings in one large working space for Open Studios 2017.
St.Augustine's Church Hall
Richmond Road
United Kingdom

Cambridge Art Workshops is a well established oil painting art group founded by Tom McPherson, who also runs Arty Crafts in Cambridge. For the first time this summer we are taking part in Cambridge Open Studios for weekends 3 and 4:

15/16 July and 22/23 July.

11.00 am to 5.00 pm Saturdays

1.00 pm to 5.00 pm Sundays

We have 20 artists exhibiting their creative oil paintings and artwork in our large space in Cambridge, where there will be working artists for both weekends. Refreshments, street parking.