Keziah Burt
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July Open Studios

Cambridge Open Studios 2018
Cambridge Open Studios 2018


Exhibition space needed for open studios 2017
Portrait painter/ sculptress looking for space for OS 2017
Exhibition space needed for open studios 2017

Portrait painting, ceramic and stone sculpture
Portrait painter and sculptress, seeing beauty in every sitter. Home studio Open for visits by appointment year round.
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There is something beautiful and unique in each of us. I have spent my life drawing the faces around me, each day finding renewed enthusiasm for my subjects. The human face and figure are eternaly intriguing, from the secret smile in the expression of a mother in a moment of calm, the innocent joy of a child bursting bubbles to the humbling tenderness in the face of a man holding his first grandchild, these are the faces I paint. These are the moments that no mere photograph can render.

I am a professional portrait painter and sculptor living and working in Cambridgeshire.  Specialising in oil painting portraits, my focus is always to create a portrait that reflects the personality and unique traits of the sitter, really getting to know them through conversation and study, prior to commencing the final painting.

  It is a real privilege to get to know my clients’ they have invariably lived such rich and interesting lives, with so many stories to share. It makes the challenge of capturing thier likeness on canvas a genuine pleasure.

I also work in a range of three dimensional media including Bronze, Stone and Clay: exploring a variety of subject matter including abstracted natural form and figurative studies.

Originally I studied my degree and Masters in Fine art at Loughborough University and went on to participate in several group and independent exhibitions. I am also a qualified teacher and often work in Primary and Secondary schools as a visiting artist to deliver dynamic creative experiences for children from age 4 to 18. I am happy to discuss private tutition for secondary school students or keen amature adults on a one to one or small group basis. Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs futher.